Wake Up Call

What made me want to create this Blog?

After being laid off due to cut backs from a company that I busted my butt for ten years the day after my 30th birthday I knew something had to give. This was the kick in the butt I needed. I had become my worst nightmare- A jaded zombie New Yorker. My day consisted of wake up-work-come home-shower-sleep-repeat. So after mourning my divorce – yes I saw it as a divorce, my job had become my life and one day it decided we just weren’t working out anymore. It wasn’t me it was my job. My job got to keep everything in the divorce all except my love of all things literary and beauty and well my dog lol.

I decided to take the leap of faith- make my dreams come true one step at a time.

Ever since I could remember I had a very strong love or reading and writing as a matter of fact boys in high school boys would pay me to write poems for their girlfriends. (Sorry girls). I spent most of my time being boy crazy and book crazy and then I discovered makeup and my world changed!

When I started to work for the hospitality business I would often spend pre-shift doing the makeup of the hostesses. It was my second favorite time of day- first being when everyone left the office and went into service so I can read in peace! Oh how i hated when the phone rang during a particularly good part!

I have always wanted to build a blog based on this love- you know when “things at work calmed down” or “when I had some extra time”. Now that I have all the time in the world I figure what better time?

I hope you guys enjoy my humble and honest opinion on books and beauty products. I am now accepting review request. Please feel free to email me -Cdhernandez714@gmail.com

Yours Truly



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