Review- Shea Moisture African Black Soap

Rating- 5 GEMS!

download (16)

I have recently started to use this soap (for about a month) and my acne prone skin has cleared up so much! I can now leave the house with out spackling a mountain of makeup! My skin is super soft and smooth and my complexion has truly brightened up. I have yet to try Shea Moisture’s other products but I would with out a second thought.

The soap smells very fresh and can be used for all over the body and face leaving your skin feeling super clean but moisturized at the same time. I must warn you- if you like using a wash cloth this soap will turn it black because of the natural coal found in the soap. I suggest placing the soap in one of those travel boxes to keep away from having black soap scum on your tube or sink- it is not the prettiest sight.

Shea Moisture’s products are not super expensive and you can often find them on sale at The soaps are HUGE and last FOREVER. They have tons of really yummy sounding products that include everything from soap to shampoo as well as hair styling products.

You can find more information about Shea Moisture Products on their website-


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