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Gildemer Cover

An Omibus of Episodes 1-4 of Gildemer)

Gabriella Hansforth has been a servant her entire life, paying off a debt she doesn’t want, all so her twin sister can receive the education that she herself begged her parents for. Her sister didn’t want to learn the way she did.

After her parents die from a plague, her Nobleman master ships her off to the same school her sister resides at so that she can pay off her family’s debt working there. As one of the lowest servants, she doubts her life will become anything she wants it to be, but at least she has Amon, one of the higher servants, to dream about. A part of her hopes he feels the same way.

Nevertheless, her desire to learn still calls out to her even though she is forbidden to ever receive an education. Her parents made that choice for her. What will happen when she tries to impersonate a student, an act punishable by death without trial?

Set in the world of Gates.

Episodes inside:

1. The Garden

2. The Gift

3. The Dress

4. The Painting

Added extra: A Luca chapter

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About the Author

A.S. Oren

I never really know how I should write these things. Do I go the professional, but boring route and talk about myself in the third person (which feels unnatural), or do I do first person, like a dating site? Sadly, second person doesn’t work here, that would be cool.

Something like:
You are looking at the profile of GoodReads author A.S. Oren. You know she is a cat person, and owns three of the little fuzzy things.

I digress. I live in Colorado, born and raised here all my life. Like you read above, I have three cats and want a big dog (perhaps an Alaskan Malamute).

I love writing, it’s one of the few things I get joy out of and know I’m good at. I’ve been doing it off and on since I could draw and think I was writing words with backwards sevens and squiggle lines.

I currently work as a graphic artist and editor.

Feel free to friend me or message. I like getting to know other people who like reading and writing, too.

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Finding Strength Shevawn Michelle Blog Tour


Finding Strength
Shevawn Michelle
Contemporary Romance
Release Date October 15, 2015
My life has never been easy, per se. Sure, I have had some
happy times, but more times than not, it seems life was out to get me. To take
me down paths no one should ever have to face. From the time I was twenty-nine,
life took a turn for the worse and all I wanted was to get off of the ride. I
have gone from being on the highest mountain, to being in the deepest, darkest
abyss. A place I wish on no one.
If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that life isn’t
always fair. It’s what we choose to do with the hand that we have been dealt.
How we learn to overcome or not, to move forward or to stay behind. One thing I
know for sure, we must learn to overcome, survive, and to live and love. We
must find our inner strength and grab onto it, no matter what form it comes in.
But I have also learned, that even then, sometimes it’s just
not enough. And no one knows that better than I do. My name is Anna, and this
is my story.
Sneak Peak
Chapter One
April 22, 2002
“Happy birthday!”
My friends shout as I round the corner of Amy’s house. My
closest friends and their families are all gathered around the pool. There are
also a couple of people that I don’t know standing among them. I smile at them
with the biggest grin and make my way past the BBQ, containing hamburgers and
hot dogs, being manned by Shane. Shane is Amy’s husband and a friend of mine as
well. We all went to school together throughout middle and high school.
Amy makes a beeline for me, but it is not me that she is
after. My two year old daughter, Lindsey, is attached to my hip. When she sees
Amy, her little arms reach out for her and she wiggles until Amy takes her from
me. Amy plants kisses on Lindsey’s cheeks while making loud smacking sounds.
Lindsey’s brown curls dance around her head as she tries to dodge Amy’s
onslaught of kisses.
“Your eyes are like little stars, Linds,” Amy coos to her.
And they are. She has so much gold in them that you wouldn’t know, unless you
were really up close, that they are a mix of green, gold, and brown.
Amy walks over to me and gives me a one armed hug.
“Happy birthday, Anna.”
“Thanks! You guys didn’t have to do all of this for me,” I
tell her, although, I really appreciate it.
“Girl, you only turn twenty-nine once, and it is your last
one in your twenties. Next year, you will be considered old!” she laughs as I
swat at her free arm.
I mingle with all of my friends that have gathered, catching
up with some of them, just shooting the breeze with others. I notice a really
nice looking man over by the pool talking to Kolby, Shane’s brother. I have no
idea who he is but his baby blues are extremely piercing.
He has short brown hair, almost buzzed at the sides, with it
a little longer on top. His arm and leg muscles are well defined and bulge with
every movement. He is wearing a pair of swim trunks, so I have a great view,
leaving nothing to the imagination of his abs. Mystery man has a nice six pack
going on, but it’s the tribal tattoo on his rib cage that catches my attention.
I would love to see that up close.
When Shane announces that it is time to eat, I know I have
to stop my ogling. Everyone files over to the food. You would have thought none
of them had eaten all week as fast as they moved. I fix Lindsey and myself a
plate and find an open spot at the end of the table Shane has set up in the
yard. Mystery man takes a seat across from me. I am not sure if it’s just me,
but I think it just got hotter out here.
“Hi, I’m Jacob Caulder,” he says as he extends his hand
toward me.
“Hi, Anna Mitchell. This is my daughter, Lindsey,” I say,
placing my hand in his for a friendly shake. Jacob squeezes my hand ever so
slightly, or maybe I imagined it, before releasing it.
“Happy birthday,” he tells me.
“Thank you,” I reply with a smile.
Jacob and I talk while we eat. Just some friendly
conversation. I learn he is single and I wonder how he hasn’t been snatched up
yet. Someone that good looking you wouldn’t think would be single. Must be my
lucky day. Jacob works as a correctional officer at one of Alabama’s maximum
security prisons in Birmingham. That intrigued me enough to ask him about it.
“Isn’t that a pretty dangerous job?” I inquire.
“It can be. There are a lot of fights that break out. People
carrying shanks and other weapons. Mostly, they tend to use them on each other
instead of the guards. There are times though it gets out of hand and a guard
gets injured,” he explains.
“Wow, that’s pretty intense. I am not sure I could handle
that all day, every day.”
We finish eating and carry on our light conversation about
things we like and dislike. I am finding that we have a lot in common and
conversation comes very easy with Jacob. I think this has been one of the best
birthdays I have ever had. So far.
The shade trees create a nice umbrella, blocking the sun’s
rays. Only a few high clouds are floating in the otherwise blue sky. A gentle
breeze helps take away the sting from the heat of the sun. For now, we all
enjoy the good food, good company, and small talk between friends.
After dinner, everyone mingles around, or swims. A couple of
the guys are playing a game of horseshoes. The sound of metal hitting metal,
followed by hooting and hollering, echo throughout the yard.
“AA, come join us in the pool,” Shane yells at me. He calls
Amy and me, AA, for Amy and Anna. I remind him that we are not quitters, all of
the time. I say all of the time because both Amy and I did quit once. Back in
college the guys were playing beer pong and Amy and I joined in. Needless to
say, the toilet became our best friend halfway through the game. Yes, we quit,
and neither of us have touched another drink since.
I take Lindsey inside, change her into her swim suit, and
put her floaties on her arms. We stay in the shallow end of the pool. Lindsey
loves the water and she is having a good time splashing water in Shane’s face.
Shane has always been great with kids, but he and Amy have a special bond with
Lindsey. They have been there for me and for Lindsey. Lindsey’s dad and I
couldn’t make our relationship work. He still sees her when he can, but his job
keeps him traveling, so it’s hard for him to find the time. Shane has pretty
much filled that role in Lindsey’s life.
When the sun has almost set, and the light has faded, we
head into the house to just hang out and watch a movie. Lindsey and I are
staying the night so I don’t have to make the drive home in the dark. I take
Lindsey into our room and get her out of her wet swim suit and into her
pajamas. Her little eyes are already half closed, wore out from her swimming. I
rock her in my arms until she falls asleep. I lay her down on the bed, tuck her
in, and kiss her cheek.
“I love you, Lindsey bug,” I leave the lamp by the door on
and the door open as I head back into the living room with the others.
When the movie is over, I stand and stretch my arms.
“I’m going to head to bed. Lindsey will be up early and I
will need all the energy I can muster to keep up with her. Thank you for a
great birthday everyone.” I look around the room at all of my friends, old and
new, and think about how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life.
After saying goodnight, I make my way to the bedroom.
When I enter the room, my heart falls to my feet. I rush
over to the bed that is now empty.
“Lindsey?” I call, frantically searching everywhere I can.
Under the bed, inside the closet, the little cubbies under the stand the TV is
sitting on. All empty. No Lindsey. “Lindsey!” I scream.
Amy comes running into the room. “What’s wrong, Anna?”
“She’s gone! She’s not in the bed! Lindsey is gone!” I yell,
throwing blankets, pulling clothes out of the drawers, moving anything I can
that may contain a hiding spot for Lindsey.
“Shane!” Amy yells.
When Shane enters the room, he looks around at the mess. I
am sure I look crazy, but I don’t care. My baby is gone. Tears are streaming
down my face, my chest heaving with sobs. Panic has overtaken me and I am
running on fear and pure adrenaline.
“Lindsey isn’t in here. We have to find her!” Amy tells
“We’ll find her. I will check the rest of the house, you
girls check the other bedrooms.”
Amy wraps her arm around my shoulder as she leads me into
one of the other bedrooms. We check every place a two year old could hide, but
still no Lindsey.
“Call 9-1-1!” I hear someone yell from somewhere else in the
house. Frantically, I make my way into the living room. I see Heather, Jeff,
Gabe, and Kolby rushing outside through the sliding glass door. I follow behind
them, my body on auto pilot.
What I see stops me dead in my tracks. Shane is pulling my
now lifeless daughter from the swimming pool. Her arms and legs limp and
dangling with every movement Shane makes.
“Lindsey!” I scream. “No! No! Lindsey!”
As I try to run to her, two strong arms wrap around me. I
try to get out of their hold, but I can’t. I continue to scream for my daughter
until the paramedics arrive and take over. When I hear ‘CPR’ and ‘no pulse’, my
legs go out from under me. The two arms holding me keep me from crumbling to
the ground. I lean into the solid chest behind me and break.
Mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Screaming for my little girl as she is loaded on a gurney
and placed in the back of the ambulance, Shane climbing into the back with her.
“I’ll take you to the hospital,” Jacob says. It was him who
held me while I watched them work on my daughter.  I don’t remember the
car ride to the hospital or even making my way into the emergency room, but I
will never forget the words spoken to me just moments after I arrived.
“I’m sorry. We did all we could do.”
Falling to the floor of the emergency room waiting area, I
can do nothing more than cry. My heart is gone. My soul turned black with pain
and has left me with nothing but a huge gaping hole. I don’t know why this has
happened. I don’t understand any of it. Nothing makes sense anymore. She was
only two. Her life was just beginning and now it’s over. A candle who’s flame
has burned out, never to be re-lit.
My screams and sobs bounce off of the walls, the sounds of a
mother’s worse nightmare come true, touching every person around me. I feel
arms come around my shoulders, warm breath on my neck.
“Come on, let’s get you up off of the floor,” Jacob says,
lifting me effortlessly in his strong arms. I go willingly, not having the
strength to fight him. I can’t speak. I feel nothing but a pain so deep and
strong that it burns me like a raging fire, leaving no part of me untouched. A
bottomless abyss of agony. Time is at a standstill. I am lost in a dark place
where there is no beginning and no ending.
The next few days pass by in a blur. Amy and Shane have been
my saving grace. When I can’t seem to function, when even breathing becomes too
hard, they step in and take control. I know they are hurting too; they love
Lindsey just as much as I do. They have lost her as well, yet they do what
needs to be done. Amy took care of the funeral arrangements. I couldn’t process
losing her, and there was no way I was able to think about putting her in the
dark, cold ground. Even though we haven’t said much to each other, our silence
is comforting in a way. Just knowing they are here is enough.
The viewing for my Lindsey was held two days later. There
were beautiful flowers surrounding her tiny casket. So many people came to see
my baby girl. Lindsey looked so small laying there. Her hair framing her little
face. No smile, no star like eyes to be seen, no life left in her body. The
paleness of her face portraying her as a porcelain doll, beautiful, yet
unmoving. I felt lost and abandoned standing over her. Heartbroken and angry,
my grief knew no boundaries. Tears were my closest friend that day.
The darkness inside of me left me feeling numb. I went
through the motions, but felt nothing aside from pain and heartache. Those two
emotions seemed to have paired up with the numbness leaving me helpless to its
power. Lindsey was my life. Everything I did revolved around her. Providing for
her, taking care of her, and just loving her. Now, part of my life has been
snuffed out and I am not sure how to begin to recover from this.
Does anyone ever recover from losing their child?
I’m sitting in the front row on a green felt covered chair.
The gray clouds reflecting my mood. There are no rays of sunshine to brighten
the day. Just as my ray of sunshine is now laying in the cherry wood box in
front of me. It’s so small, the spray of yellow roses covers the entire top of
the casket. Tears have filled my eyes, blurring the sight in front of me. One
by one, my pain slides down my cheeks. I feel Amy’s hand slide into mine and I
squeeze it tight, the only lifeline I have at this moment. Ricky, Lindsey’s
dad, sits on my other side. His pain visible on his face. I don’t hear what the
minister has said. I can only stare out into the nothingness my life is now
surrounded by.
When the service is over, I accept the condolences of those
who have come to say goodbye to my baby. It’s like I am a robot and someone is
telling my body what to do. I don’t remember who came by, who said what, or if
I even thanked them.
“It’s time to go, Anna.”
I look up into Amy’s tear filled eyes. Taking in one deep
breath, I stand and walk the few feet to where Lindsey now lays. I place a kiss
onto my finger and press it against the casket.
“I love you, Lindsey. Mommy loves you so much,” I choke out.
Ricky walks up to stand beside me. He whispers to Linsdey
that he loves her. He places his arm around my shoulder, squeezing lightly,
then he turns and walks away. I think this has been too much for him. Knowing
he didn’t take the time he should have with his daughter.
Walking away made it real. I was leaving my baby girl alone
here. My heart, what was left of it, crumbled into irreparable pieces. Just as
we reached the car, the sun peaked out through the clouds, shining a lone ray
of light onto Lindsey’s final resting place. I know then this is Lindsey’s way
of telling me it’s going to be alright. I’m just not sure I can agree.



Shevawn Michelle lives just south of Atlanta, Georgia. She has been married to her
high school sweetheart for almost 21 years. She has two kids and three fur babies.
When she’s not writing, she’s blogging or reading. Her hobbies include, campfires,  fishing, and hanging out with friends. You can connect with her on her page by
clicking the link below…
99 Cents Until November 1, 2015
**Free on KU**
You can find Shevawn Michelle’s other book on Amazon

Rhapsody (The Teplo Trilogy #2) by Ayden K. Morgen

Title: Rhapsody (The Teplo Trilogy #2)
Genre: Erotic Romance Suspense
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: October 19, 2015
After Anton Vetrov brutally murders a young girl as a warning to Tristan Riley, the broken DEA agent believes the best thing for Lillian Maddox to do would be to stay far, far away from him. But Lillian knows a thing or two about fear, and she’s not willing to let the man she loves push her away that easily. If he won’t fight for them, she will… even if that means risking her life to prove she’s strong enough to live in his world.
Her plan ends in disaster when she’s dragged out of Teplo at gunpoint, forcing Tristan onto a collision course with the Vetrov family and Pedro Francisco. With nothing left to lose except the only woman who has ever mattered to him, he will do whatever it takes to stop Vetrov and Francisco from ever hurting her again.
But he doesn’t know they’ve been waiting for him to make his move. When he does, all hell loose, and his life is on the line. It’s up to Lillian and the DEA to save him, and she’s terrified they won’t make it in time.
Thrust headlong into a violent, bloody confrontation with the Vetrov family, Lillian comes face to the face with the heartbreaking realization that maybe she doesn’t belong in Tristan’s world, after all. When the smoke clears, will he be able to convince his ballerina that she’s the best thing for him, or will he lose her and the chance at a real future once and for all?
“What’s so funny?” he demanded softly.
“Sometimes life just fucking sucks,” she said, giggling again. “I think your mouth is rubbing off on me.”
“Mmm,” he growled playfully and flipped her over until she was lying beneath him. He grinned down at her, the shadows that’d crept into his eyes during their conversation gone,
replaced with happiness, softness. “I noticed that. You called me baby.”
“I did,” she murmured, staring up at him.
His grin widened. “You called me baby once before, you know.”
“Did I?”
“Mmhmm.” He nuzzled his face against her throat. “When I fucked you against the front door. I think I like hearing you call me baby almost as much as I like hearing you scream my name, beautiful. You sound so good screaming my name.” He nipped her throat.
“Tristan,” she whimpered, writhing beneath him as his wicked words sent heat through her all over again.
“You sound good whimpering it, too,” he murmured. “Fuck, Lillian, everything you do drives me crazy.” He pressed a soft kiss to her temple before dropping back down beside her and dragged her into his arms once more. “Every time I’m near you, I’m turned on.”
“It’s the same for me,” she whispered.
“Is it?”
“Yes, all the time. When you look at me or touch me… I don’t know, it’s like an addiction, I think. I crave more and more of you every time.” Her brow furrowed as she traced the line
of his abs with one finger. “Is it really like that for you, too?”
“All the time, sweetheart,” he murmured, kissing the top of her head. “I can’t get enough of you.” He reached out and grabbed her hand, dragging it down his body and placing it over his crotch. He was hard again, his cock like steel in her palm. “You keep me like this, Lillian.”
She smiled and curled her hand around his length, stroking softly. “I like knowing that.”
“Fuck.” He arched his hips into her hand before wrapping his own hand around hers and gliding it up and down his erection. Far too soon, he stilled her hand and pulled away, causing her to groan in protest. He chuckled and twined their fingers together
again, placing them on his chest, over his heart. “Rest, beautiful. I’ve been all over you tonight.”
“I like having you all over me,” she grumbled. She loved having him all over her.
“I like being all over you,” he answered with another soft chuckle at her petulant tone.
“But you need a break or you’ll be too sore to move, and there’s no fucking way I’m going to be able to keep from sinking myself into you at least once tomorrow.”
Well, she couldn’t very well argue with that, now could she?
“Fine, but only for the rest of the night,” she warned him, not willing to go any longer than that before feeling him again. The things he did to her… he could do them every day of forever and she’d die happy. She wanted him to do them to her every day of forever.

God. Forever. Was it too soon to want that?

Tristan and Lillian’s Netflix Watch List
Tristan and Lillian don’t spend a lot of time in front of the television, but when they do have time, they love to snuggle up and watch their favorite shows and movies… or not watch them as the case may be! Here’s what’s on their lists and why.
· Narcos– This is a new series, but it’s surprisingly good. It captures the messed up
reality of drug trafficking, while humanizing the people behind the scenes.
· Arrow– A man with a past? A man on a mission? That’s not familiar at all!
· From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series – Because it’s a cartel of vampires. Which is
basically every cartel ever. Tristan can relate.
· Three Kings – Risking everything to screw a bad guy and save a life? Tristan is down with that.
· Without a Paddle – Even the most ridiculous of missions can have value.
· Beowulf – Lillian is slowly showing Tristan the value of literature and the classics.
· Gangland – Gangs piss Tristan off. It never hurts to spend a little time getting to know them better, especially in his line of work.
· Inside Cocaine Wars – Another docu-series about the job. Getting to know some of the other agents with the same mission is always helpful.
· Phantom of the Opera – What isn’t to love about Phantom of the Opera? The story is haunting, beautiful, and timeless.
· Center Stage – If anyone can relate to being told they aren’t good enough, Lillian
can. Jody is so much like her.
· Cyberbully– Another one that hits close to home for Lillian. Bullies are everywhere, and they are brutal.
· Dollhouse – Echo is a total badass. And she’s not what anyone expects.
· The Originals – Two words: Joseph Morgan. Does she really need another reason?
· Being Human (U.K.) – The original U.K. version is the way to go with this one. It’s
got a little bit of everything, and is so good.
· Ballet 422 – She may no longer be in the world, but she misses performing. This
documentary lets her relive those moments she loved.
· Half the Sky – Lillian has traveled the world and seen oppression firsthand. This
documentary tells the story well, and gives her hope for the future.
Ayden lives in the heart of Arkansas with her childhood sweetheart/husband of eleven years, and their five furry minions. When not writing, she spends her time hiking, reading,
volunteering, causing mischief, and building a Spork army. Ayden graduated
summa cum laude with her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology in 2009 before going on to complete her graduate degree in CJ and Law. She currently puts her
education to use in the social services and CJ field.
Ayden also writes Young and New Adult fantasy under the penname A.K. Morgen.
Ravished (The Teplo Trilogy #1)
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Infatuation by River Savage RELEASE DAY BLITZ

Title: Infatuation (Knights Rebels MC #4)
Author: River Savage
Release Date: October 20, 2015
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Purchase Links: 


Beau McIntyre is driven by a past smothered in blood and covered in bruises. Though tragic, it’s help shape his future and define the man he’s become.
Day in and day out, he’s reminded of his failures in the faces of the women he saves. But what happens when one girl threatens to blow all of that apart? Will Beau lose his grip on the controlled lifestyle he abides by?
Mackenzie Moore is running from a past she needs to forget. A past that has molded her into a woman living in fear. One fateful night, her carefully constructed world is pulled down around her, forcing her to make a decision she’s not sure she can live with. 
Turning to the Knights Rebels MC for help is the last thing she wants, but everything she needs. 
Can Beau save her once again, or is what she running to far worse than what she’s running from? 


“Kenzie, I’m heading out. Will you be all right on your own?” I call out to her but receive no reply. Her door is ajar a few inches, so I knock, letting the force push it open further.

She is standing there. Her pert tits take my attention first and instantly my cock stirs back to life. She doesn’t stop to cover herself and I don’t look away.

“I’m heading out.” I manage some cough mumble thing, my throat becoming dry. She doesn’t say anything and her eyes don’t leave me. I should turn away, let her change in private, but I’m lost in the sight of her.

The soft glow of her bedside lamp highlights her against the dark room but even from this distance, I can see every one of those goose bumps glazing her skin.

We continue to stand silent for what feels like hours, until the soft whisper of her nightgown falling to the floor shocks me back, like the first momentary sonic boom that fills the skies on a Fourth of July weekend. My eyes follow its descent, pausing at the lace covering her pussy.

Jesus, fuck, turn around, man.

I swallow past my hunger and try to will myself to leave, but fail when her fingers hook into the side of her lace panties.

“Mackenzie, don’t.” My warning comes out strangled, my resolve slipping, but it doesn’t stop her. She continues to undress, sliding her panties down her legs then stepping out of them, leaving her completely exposed to me.

She’s beautiful. Fucking perfect. Every fucking inch of her. But there’s an innocence to her. One touch, one taste is going to destroy me.

What the fuck is wrong with you, man? Go to her. Fucking take her.

“Darlin’,” I say with a heavy breath, forcing my eyes away from her naked body and back up to her face. Her pink, plump lips, swollen from our kisses, slightly part as she draws in a long breath.

“You’re making this really fucking hard to stay away.” My voice cracks as my gaze catches her hand sliding between her legs.

“If you’re not going to help me, then leave.” Her voice is barely a whisper as her finger slips between her pussy lips disappearing from view. And fuck it turns me on.

Before I realize what I’m doing, my legs carry me to her. Not giving it a second thought, I slap her hand away from her pussy and pull her naked body to me. She comes willingly, a small cry filling the room at my touch.

“Fuck,” I groan, knowing I’m close to losing control. “I need you to think this through, darlin’. Be real fucking sure, ‘cause once we start, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop,” I tell her when her chest hits mine.

“I’ve never wanted anything more, Beau.” My name coming from her lips in a plea cancels out all my reservations, and before I can comprehend what’s happening, I have her on her back on the bed.

Pulling off my cut and shirt in record time, I flip the button of my jeans. Mackenzie comes up on her elbows and watches as I lose my jeans.

“Holy shit, you have it pierced.” She looks down at my cock, intrigue turning to wonder.

“I have two.” I point to the Apadravya piercing. The small barbell runs through the head of my penis. I then pull to show her the Frenum piercing on the underside of my cock.

“Did they hurt?” She bites her lip, her eyes not leaving the piercing.

“I survived. Had it done years ago.” She nods but doesn’t say anything.

“You keep looking at me like that and I don’t think I’ll last long,” I admit. Her inquisitive eyes move from my piercing up to my face and I realize it wouldn’t matter what way she looked at me. I’m wound up so fucking tight from not having my cock in a woman for God knows how long, I’m not going to last long regardless.

“Like what?” She looks back down at my cock and it bounces its own hello.

“Like you want to wrap your mouth around my dick and milk it dry,” I offer the visual, the picture playing out in my mind.

Yep, there is no way I’m going back on this, now.

“No one has ever spoken to me like this before.” Her teeth graze her bottom lip, and I don’t know if she’s afraid of me, or fucking turned on.

“You want me to stop talking to you this way?” I ask, placing a knee down on the bed and moving over her.

“I don’t think so.” She lays back, her dark hair spilling around her.

“You don’t think so? It’s a yes or no question, darlin’.” I keep my eyes on her, like I need to memorize every inch of her body.

“No,” she answers instantly.

“Then I won’t.”

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Paradox (Knights Rebels MC Novella)
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About the Author

River Savage is the Author of the Knights Rebels MC Series. She released her debut novel, Incandescent, in August 2014. 

An avid reader of romance and erotic novels, her love for books and reading fueled her passion for writing. Reading no longer sated her addiction, so she started writing in secret. She never imagined that her dream of publishing a novel would ever be achievable. 

With a soft spot for an alpha male and a snarky sassy woman, Kadence and Nix were born. 

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Admission by Kaithlin Shepherd Blog Tour


 Title:  Admission

Release Date:  October 6, 2015
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series:  Brass Series, Book 1
Cover Designer:  Claire Smith
Publisher:  Hot Tree Publishing

As one of the top Assistant US Attorneys in the country, Savannah Walker is smart, ambitious, and she doesn’t back down from a challenge, unless it comes in the form of Noah Johnson. Savannah’s been in love with her best friend’s brother longer than she cares to admit, but risking their friendship isn’t on her to-do list. When building a case against a drug trafficker, she’s assigned to a DEA task force led by the one man she can’t shake. She has no idea if this case will bring them together or tear them apart.
DEA, Noah Johnson, risks his life every day. With a world filled with blood and bullets, he’s unwilling to chance Savannah’s life. Keeping her at bay for years, Noah has forced himself to never cross that line, but lately, he can’t get her out of his head. When an investigation into a drug trafficker reveals a mole in Savannah’s office, Noah will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.
When danger lurks around every corner and passions are riding high, not even Savannah or Noah know if they’re ready for admission.


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5 Things Readers Would Be Surprised to Know About Me
by Kaithlin Shepherd

1. I speak 7 languages. English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Russian. I had a thing for foreign cultures when I was younger, a passion I still have today, and that pushed me to learn new languages.
2. I am a die-hard action film junkie. I’ve seen them all, and if it has Steven Segal in it, I’ve seen it. If it has Jason Statham in it, I’m the first in line to see it at the movie theatres.
3. I met Prince William at the 10th anniversary concert for Princess Diana.  He was so nice, and surprisingly, I managed to not make a fool of myself LOL
4. I’m a bit OCD. Everything I do needs to be color coordinated. I’ve been that way since high school, and I can’t stop.
5. I have 7 tattoos, and it’s become an addiction. I am planning at least 5 more. I also love my high heel shoes, do not try to take them away from me, it’s not going to end well LOL.

Kaithlin Shepherd was born and raised in Canada where she learned to figure skate and crafted a love affair with coffee. Growing up in a household filled by strong-headed women, she learned early on that life is what you make it. You’ve probably never met a bigger country music fan and in the words of Brooks and Dunn, she’s a die-hard ‘George Strait junkie.’ Constructing a world away from her real life, Kaithlin loves the feeling of creating a universe where her fans can forget about everything in their life. She loves writing about hot alphas and doesn’t shy away from turning up the heat with scorching hot sex scenes.

 Hot Tree Publishing

The Ludzecky Sisters Series By Kathryn Shay Blog Tour

Begin Again 
(Ludzecky Sisters #1)
by Kathryn Shay

BEGIN AGAIN tells the story of Paulina Ludzecky who, since her husband died three years ago, runs a contracting business with her twin, Antonia. She’s ready to dip her toes in romance, when she meets Adam Armstrong, the architect on the new music hall her company is building.

For Adam, opposites attract and he’s drawn to this no-nonsense, down-to-earth girl next door. She’s equally interested in him though he’s too different from her to settle down with. But alpha male Adam has other plans for Paulina and isn’t about to let her go, even when Paulina has trouble with committing to him. Sex, yes! Love, no! This second chance at love story will tug on your heartstrings.


Available for purchase at




 From the way Adam looked at her when they were seated on the bench, Paulina knew he was going to kiss her, so she tried to leave the backyard. But once he’d stopped her, there was no escaping—because she didn’t want to be anywhere else. His mouth touched hers lightly, brushed over her lips, and she savored his taste—coffee and a hint of peppermint, which was soon eclipsed by the essence of him filling her head. After a few seconds, he slid his arms around her and drew her close. She went easily, willingly and fell deeper into the kiss. His tongue explored her mouth, and she allowed it,welcomed it, returned it. His body aligned perfectly with hers, and he pressed his hips in close. He was hard, and she was going damp, and she wanted to weep with the sensation. She missed the scent of a man, his flesh and bones, his unyielding frame. She inhaled him, crooked her head so he could get better access.

She had no idea how long the embrace went on. All she knew was that at some point, they were both stepping back, breathing hard, staring at each other.

“Well!” he said, raking his hand through his hair. She took pleasure in his loss of composure and consequently wasn’t embarrassed by hers. “That was unexpected.” “Really? You started it.”

“That’s not what I mean.” He arched a brow. “Besides, you wanted it.”

“I’m not denying that.”

“What I meant was, the contact was intense. Right away, without warning. I’m shocked by my reaction.”

Her hand touched her lips as she savored his taste, still on her. “I enjoyed it. But if you didn’t, that’s okay.” Once more, she started away. She didn’t have time for games, and if he was rebuffing her again, she didn’t want to stick around and get her feelings hurt.

“Hold on!” This time he caught her hand, pulled her around and didn’t let go. “Why do you keep running away?”

She took in a deep breath. “I guess because I can’t read you. You flirted, asked in an email if we should meet, then said never mind.”

“I did.”

No hedging. No denial. She liked that. “Why?”

“Because I wasn’t sure we should…do anything like this.”

“Adam, it was only a kiss.”

His expression said it was much more than that.

“But I liked it,” she continued. “Still, don’t worry. I’m not asking you for anything.”

Jamming his hands in his pockets, he rocked back on his heels. “What if I want something?”

“Damn it, Adam, just say what you mean. What you want. I don’t have time for or interest in being coy.”

“Let’s go out.”

She watched him.

“You’ve dated since your husband died, right?”

“No, but recently I made a decision that I wanted to get into the…the swing of things.

I’m seeing someone tonight for supper and a movie.”

His brows knit together. “Is it serious?”

“I met him on first base.”

“Excuse me?”

She laughed at her expression. “At a softball game. I got a hit, and he…never mind all that.”

“So, you’re a free agent, so to speak.”

And would probably stay one. But she’d like to see this man. “I am, but I’m not interested in anything serious. Just some fun.” Some hot sex. She didn’t say that aloud, thank God. Though she knew one thing: she was attracted to him big-time.

“Have dinner with me this weekend.”

“Sofia’s taking the boys on Sunday for the day. I could do an early dinner.”

“All right. I’ll pick you up at five.” He added, “Wear something nice, but no ball gowns.”

Did he think he had to tell her what to wear? What was all that about? Maybe it was nothing. She just wasn’t used to this dating scene. Had never really been in it. He was probably being thoughtful.

“Hey, Paulie, you back here?” Frank’s voice came from the end of the yard.

She said, “I have to go.”

He grasped her arm again. “Would you wear your hair down Sunday?”

“Maybe. Let’s wait and see.”




Primary Colors 
(Ludzecky Sisters Series, #2)
by Kathryn Shay

In PRIMARY COLORS, Nia Ludzecky Pettrone is stuck in her grief and can’t find a way out of her sorrow over the untimely death of her beloved husband. Then she meets famous modern artist Rafe Castle, and she’s intrigued by his gentle demeanor and lack of arrogance. When he shows interest in giving her son the confidence and skills to nurture his budding art talent, she starts falling for him. Still, she finds it hard to leave the past behind and embrace love after loss.

Rafe is definitely interested in a relationship with Nia. If he has his way, she’ll come to love him and he vows to be patient. But when she rejects him in the most elemental of ways, can he control the comparison to past hurts she resurrects for him?

Available for purchase at




“I remember.” When he didn’t say more, she batted her eyes like Elizabeita did when she flirted. “Mr. Castle, are you asking me to come up and see your etchings?” The old line for seduction.

“Well, Ms. Pettrone, my intention was more honorable until you said that, but I’m up for anything.”

Was she? Right now, Nia felt like she was.

He watched her. When she didn’t move, he took her hand. “Come up to my place. I do want to show you something.”

They walked faster down the two blocks, still holding hands. Once inside his building, they took the elevator in silence and Rafe unlocked the door to his loft.

Nia entered first. “I’m still stunned by how big this place is.”

“I don’t need all this space, but Jonas loved the openness.”

“It suits you, Rafe.”

He turned to her. “Why is that?”

“You’re larger than life and not because you’re famous. It’s your personality. You’re joie de vivre. You live in primary colors.” And her tones ran from cream to beige and often times gray.

“What a nice way to put it. Jonas said I take pleasure in everything.”

“After a difficult childhood, that’s amazing.” He was amazing.

“Now I’m embarrassed.”

Taking her hand, he tugged her to the studio. Several easels stood guard around the room. Two canvases were started. Another was covered with a cloth, and he crossed to it. “Stand about five feet away. Face the other side of the room.”


“I’m going to show you something I did the night you were at my loft. But I want to see your face when you first get a look at it.”

Nia turned to the collection on the opposite wall. The easels there sported scarlets and yellows, peacock blue and pinks.

Rustling, scraping. Then, “Okay, turn around.”

Pivoting back, Nia gasped. Oh, my God. She almost couldn’t take it in. Slowly, she walked closer to the canvas. Studied the way the sky gave way to her image—which was…unbelievable. Every feature was right. And every feature was wrong. He’d drawn her as a sensual siren, floating out of the clouds. The glint in her eyes was unfamiliar.

“I don’t understand. This isn’t me, in so many ways.”

“It’s how I see you, I guess.”

“Rafe, this woman is so…sensual. Sexy. So not me.”

“I think it is. Or had been. Or might be.” He stepped closer, cupped her jaw. “Let me prove that to you, Nia.”

Nia’s first instinct was to run. Fast and far away. Her heart raced, and her palms began to sweat. But she glanced at the painting again, and suddenly, she knew she wasn’t going to leave. So she moved closer and said, “Take me to bed, Rafael.”




Risky Business 
(Ludzecky Sisters Series #3)
by Kathryn Shay

Magdalena Ludzecky is a career woman extraordinaire. A child prodigy, she’s worked her way into a successful private equity firm by the time she was twenty-four. Seven years later, she’s still the gentle, good-hearted sister who hasn’t forgotten her roots, but in business she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s a woman who has everything, including Logan Price, her coworker and her best friend outside of the family. They support each other through tragedy and loss, vacation together and make million dollar deals together.

But suddenly, they find attraction growing between them. And no, they both think, this can’t happen! They like the status quo. An office romance is unthinkable. It doesn’t seem to be up to them, though, as fate intervenes and brings them together as lovers. Yet fate can be cruel, too, and pulls them apart when Logan’s circumstances change dramatically. Does this friends to lovers romance have a chance or are Logan and Magdalena going to lose each other forever?

Available for purchase at




 “I think we have what we need for our due diligence, Mr. Holland.” Magdalena smiled graciously at the owner of The Natural Life stores. “I hope you’re as excited as we are about the potential investment in your company by Price and Associates.” Magdalena had joined the private-equity after graduate school.

The owner held her gaze. “Mostly, it feels like I’m handing my first born off to someone else to raise.”

She gave him a sympathetic look. “Most of the companies we do business with have that initial reaction. Maybe you could look at it as sending your child off to school, where others can invest their time, energy and money into him.”

Carter Holland nodded. “So, where do we go from here?”

“Price and Associates analyze all the documents and visit more stores.”

Logan sat forward. “Ms. Ludzecky and I are both operational analysts.” The Power Team, they’d been called by the media. “We’ll analyze your strengths and weaknesses to make sure we want to invest, but we don’t get to this phase without being fairly certain we do.”

“And you’ll complete a management assessment, correct?”

“Yes.” This was Logan’s baby. “We’ll evaluate your staff and see if there’s any overlap or duplication of effort within the stores or in upper management.” There most likely would be layoffs, which Holland had to know.

Once again, Magdalena admired her colleague and friend for being able to handle the personnel task with emotional aplomb. She was glad she didn’t have to do that part of the assessment, though she’d be consulted.

After answering a few more questions, Logan stood. “We’ll be in touch about our decision. Before that, if we need anything else from you. One promise I can make is that we’ll be fair and save as many jobs as we can.”

“Which is why I want to work with your firm.” He stood and so did Magdalena.

She offered her hand first. “Thank you for your time. I’m sure we can take that baby of yours to greater heights than you could alone.”

“I hope so.”

“You won’t be sorry, Mr. Holland,” Logan told him.

Together, they left the office and soon stood on the streets of New York’s Financial District. Magdalena didn’t live too far from here. Early January sported one of its sunny winter days, so she and Logan stopped to talk. “He’s nervous,” she said, glancing back at the building.

“All owners are when they want to grow their business and go with private-equity investment. But Price wouldn’t be pursuing the company if we didn’t think it was good for all of us.”

She squeezed his arm. “Of course we wouldn’t. And I know you’re not crazy about the layoffs.”

Pointedly, he took a bead on her. “Then why don’t you do this part?”

“Because you got your undergrad in human resources. Mine’s in finance.” Checking her watch, she saw it was 1:00 p.m. “Want to get something to eat with me and Ana?”

“No thanks. I have a lunch date.”

Having worked with him for seven years, Magdalena rolled her eyes. “I know what that means. Shall I bring a sandwich back to the office for you?”

“I’ll have you know, Teresa and I are eating this time. She has to be at the theater early to go over some dances with the choreographer.” Logan dated the current star of All of Me, the hottest ticket on Broadway. Magdalena liked the woman, though from what he said about her, she could be mercurial in her moods. Logan called it artistic temperament.

“You’re good at finding time for other business,” she teased.

“Stop.” Though he liked a variety of women in his life, Logan was good-hearted and never duped any of them into thinking the relationship would last forever. He also didn’t give that heart of his to anyone. Often, Magdalena wondered why.

They both crossed to the curb. “Why’s Ana in town?”

Her older sister was the Dean of Admissions at Mount Mary’s in Brooklyn and was often in the city for her job. She still lived in the other borough, in the same house she once shared with Jared the Jerk.

“A recruiting fair.”

“How is she, Mags? I know you worry about her.”

“Because she’s bitter and still very sad, even after more than two years. Why wouldn’t I worry?”

“It’s never what it appears on the surface, why people break up.”

Because she loved Logan in many ways, she listened to him. “You’re right. Have a good lunch.”

He hailed a cab and she took out her phone. As she watched him get into the taxi, which always seemed to come right away for him, she could see why women flocked to him. Six three, all muscles with sky blue eyes, he was a stunner. For the hundredth time, she was grateful she was immune to his charms. She much rather preferred to have him in her life as a friend she could count on.

And she could. In every way.



The Way We Were 
(Ludzecky Sisters Series #4)
by Kathryn Shay

Ana Ludzecky had it all—a sexy husband, a beautiful daughter, her dream house and the best extended family in the world. Then, tragedy strikes them and her life turns upside down. Unable to bear the suffering of her sisters, she makes some bad choices that eventually lead to the dissolution of her marriage.

Dr. Jared Creswell, a professor at Mount Mary College, always believed he and Ana would last forever. He’s never loved anybody like he loved her. But a year after the tragedy, she’s still suffering because of the horrific events her family suffered. Jared weakens and makes the biggest mistake of his life.

When their daughter is stricken with a rare kidney disorder, both Ana and Jared must come together to see her through this difficult time. Will his and Ana’s past love be rekindled or have they put it out forever? You’ll root for these two who’ve been dealt a bad hand in life and are trying to find their second chance at love.

Available for purchase at





Handle with Care 
(Ludzecky Sisters Series #5)
by Kathryn Shay

Of all the Ludzecky sisters, Sofia is the calmest one. She’s had to be. Diagnosed with leukemia at sixteen, the disease has affected her entire life. When bad things have happened to her—her father’s death, her Secret Service sister and brother getting shot, the deaths of her brothers-in-law–Sofia has gone into herself and found the strength to help them out and also take care of herself. The easy going, laid back lifestyle suits her and she likes it. Her chosen profession is as a yoga instructor and owner of Serenity Yoga, which enhances this way of living.

Football Coach Max Walker doesn’t know what to make of this sweet, demure and pretty woman who is hired by his high school to teach yoga to students. But he’s part of the Physical Education department and has to deal with her every day. Soon he comes to learn how special she is, and though he steered clear of romance with another teacher, he’s drawn to her. But she shies away from him—big time. Why? Women usually flock to Max.

Little does he know that his outgoing personality, his rabid bent for competition and his boisterous athletic family upset her. Opposites attract is not true in her case. But Max wants her, and he’s always gotten what he wants.

Available for purchase at




Sofia practically danced up the stairs to her place over the studio. Behind her, Max’s steps sounded light, too. He’d said, rather implacably, at the end of the night, I’m gonna follow you home.

I’d like that.

They crossed the threshold and she closed the door. “So, I guess it went good?”

“It did.” She leaned against the wood. “They were darling.”

“They’re not the only ones.” He advanced toward her, his dark eyes gleaming like hot coals. “You were a real trouper. I can’t tell you how much your reaction meant to me.”

Staring up at him, she bit her lip. “I wanted it to go well.”


“Because I like you a lot, Max. When I was put off by their mannerisms, I was disappointed in myself. Though I still worry you and I are so diff—”

He cut her off with a kiss. A hard one that set her head spinning. Lifting her off the floor, he braced her against the wood and moved in. Their bodies met, and her hips pressed into his. She hadn’t meant to do that. Her action was spontaneous, like this kiss.

He growled, and responded in kind.

Pure hot pleasure rose in her as he continued to kiss her. Then one hand went to her breast. She jerked.

“Is this okay?” he asked against her cheek.

“Yes, more than okay. It feels so good.” The sensation of a man’s intimate touch was wonderful. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt it. And never so strongly.

He massaged her. Let his lips travel to her neck and kissed her there. Heat rose from him, from her, and Sofia stopped thinking.

She didn’t know how much later he drew back. She reached for him again, but he took her hand and let her slide to the floor. “No, not this way. Not mindless.”

“Mindless feels pretty good to me right now.”

“It won’t tomorrow. We got a plan, baby, and we should stick to it.”

Sofia tossed her head back. And straightened her shoulders. She remembered lying in bed right after the surgery, at sixteen, vowing to live her life without hesitation. And every single year after that when she went to have a checkup, as she waited on the examining table in one of those skimpy robes, she promised herself she’d embrace each day. So far, she had. Or at least she thought she had, until right this moment, when Max resurrected all the feelings of sexual arousal and attraction that had been buried deep inside her. There hadn’t been a man in her life in a long time. How awful.

“Sofia? Where did you go?”

“Backwards in time.”

“I don’t understand. Don’t you think we should stick with the plan? Get to know each other better, take this slow?”

She pushed herself off the wall and into him, looping her arms around his neck. “No. I say, screw the plan.”



Love Story 
(Ludzecky Sisters Series #6)
by Kathryn Shay

Elizabeita Ludzecky is two different women: one the risk-taking, hip, wild child in the Ludzecky family. Her other side is the Rhodes Scholar and businesswoman who works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The problem is she doesn’t know which is the real her. But what she does understand is the secret she carries inside her, and how it’s helped her survive a family fraught with tragedy.

Hardened cop Nick Casella decides to leave the NYPD because of his distaste for anti-police sentiment that developed after several high profile shootings were not prosecuted in the courts. But he’s asked to be part of a task force for the NYPD, an undercover unit specializing in unique crimes. He’s sent to the Met, ostensibly as a new employee do to set ups and other odd jobs. The famous museum has been besieged by odd emails, hackers and maybe even a stalker.

Nick works with Elizabeita when they put up a new exhibit and, at first, is not at all charmed by her winsomeness, her upbeat attitude about life or her sexy charisma. She’s a baby anyway, as he has more than a decade on her. But she’s getting the emails, too, and might be a victim, so he has to spend time with her. When she sets her sights on him, his first instinct is to run in the other direction. Soon, that changes dramatically. With secret and lies as the basis of a relationship, especially an older man/younger woman romance, does it have any chance of surviving?


Available for purchase at




Elizabeita entered one of the conference rooms at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and took a seat in the back. Most of the Contemporary Art staff had already gathered, and she noticed a workman touching up some paint on the side wall. Its scent was strong but not unpleasant

“How’s everybody today?” Delores Martin, the head curator in charge of the division, asked. In addition to Dee, three assistant curators, three collections managers, one research associate and a variety of technicians completed their department. Sometimes, Elizabeita had to pinch herself to believe she’d actually gotten an assistant curatorship at this renowned museum three years ago.

Mumbles of good or okay or tired abounded. Elizabeita liked the people she worked with, including the two interns from the School of Art in Manhattan.

After some announcements, Delores zeroed in on her. “Elizabeita, I’ve got good news for you.”

“Seriously? We’re getting it?” She’d been working on bringing a touring exhibit of a comparison between Dali and Picasso to the Met.

“Yes, we are. A gallery in Chicago had to drop out because of a fire. We’ve gotten their slot at the beginning of November.”

“Hallelujah!” Success meant a lot to her.

“We don’t have much time to prepare for this, but I’m sure it will sell out in days. Publicity is already underway. You can expect the setup to begin as soon as the Matisse exhibit ends and is broken down.”

“Great. Will I still be going to the conference in California the week after next?”

“I don’t see why not.” She transferred her gaze to the person next to Elizabeita. “Ellen, about your project. We didn’t receive a grant we expected from the city. It’s impossible to finance your exhibit before the end of the year.”

Also an assistant curator, Ellen Pratt frowned. “But you said it was on track to be accepted.”

“I thought it would be. I didn’t plan on the cut.”

Elizabeita knew how Ellen must feel. She’d experienced rejection at work, too. Then again, everybody did.

“Make an appointment to see me and we’ll talk.”

They covered other business, then Dee took off her glasses and leaned forward. “We’ll end with something we need to discuss—the emails our department has been getting.”

For a while now, the staff at the Met had been receiving emails which consisted of a line or two about modern art. The missives had gone from innocuous statements about its lack of relevance, its nonsensical presentation to branding the style as pagan, blasphemous and sacrilegious. After studying the history of art at Oxford, Elizabeita knew about art fanatics.

“There might be cause for concern,” Delores went on.

“Why?” Ellen asked. “We have the best security of any art museum in the world here. And Director Davidson is top-notch.”

“We do. Physically.” The museum sported the requisite cameras, guards in every room, motion sensors on each work of art, and vigilant overnight security. “But we may need assistance in dealing with computer issues.”

The collections manager offered, “These emails have been coming periodically for a while now. Aren’t they just from some kook who doesn’t understand genius or wants attention?”

“At first, we thought so. Then the frequency increased. And the tenor of the messages has become aggressive. Also, a few employees have noticed lurkers around the quietest spaces in the museum. When security was called, they vanished.”

“A lot of people lurk in museums.” This from the research associate. “We call it browsing.”

Elizabeita agreed about the lurkers. Her favorite patron of the museum, a little old Polish man who took the train in from Brooklyn every week, could be considered one. And he was as harmless as a kitten.

“All I can say is the director wants you to be on the lookout for anything unusual. And be sure to send your emails to him as soon as you receive them so his team can analyze the data.”

Elizabeita’s gaze strayed to the man painting in the corner. He hadn’t gotten much done. Right now, he was on his haunches doing something she couldn’t s­ee. It was unusual to have a workman in a room during a staff meeting.

When the group broke up, Elizabeita took out her phone. As she walked into the hallway, she checked for messages. Three texts had come in, and she moved to the side to read them. One from a professor she had taken classes from—and more—who lived in London. One from Ana. Another from a guy she’d dated once and didn’t plan to see again. She answered them and then pushed herself off the wall. Right as the workman came out. They collided.

A gallon can went flying. When it hit the wall, the top came off and beige paint spattered everywhere. ““What the hell?” he muttered and whirled around. “You ran into me.”

“I wasn’t looking where I was going. I’m sorry.”

“Do you have any idea how long that’s going to take me to clean up?”

She frowned. “Quite a while.”

He glanced back to the wall. “Damn it,” he said under his breath.

“Listen, I can help you. It was my fault.”

“Damn right it was.” He raked her up and down with a disgusted gaze. “Never mind. I can’t see you mopping up paint in those heels and the suit.”

Hmm. Must be he didn’t know who she was. Not a big shot at the museum, for sure, but she’d started working here after she got her second degree in art and had interned in galleries in London and Paris. She planned to climb the art ladder fast. Now, at twenty-six, she was recommending exhibits and had gotten one approved. She could, if she wanted to, get him in trouble.

Sofia would kill her. Sweetie, she’d say. Be forgiving of people. You never know if their cat died, if they were up all night at a second job, or if they’d lost everything they’d worked for.

So she backed up a few steps. “You’re right. I was only trying to help.” Stung, she started to walk away.

And heard behind her, “I could probably leave the paint on the wall, and people would think it was just another piece of that damned modern art.”

Hmm. He had a sense of humor. Who would have guessed?



About the Author

A NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author, Kathryn Shay has been a lifelong writer and teacher. She has written dozens of self-published original romance titles, print books with the Berkley Publishing Group and Harlequin Enterprises and mainstream women’s fiction with Bold Strokes Books. She has won five RT Book Reviews awards, four Golden Quills, four Holt Medallions, the Bookseller’s Best Award, Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year and several “Starred Reviews.” Her novels have been serialized in COSMOPOLITAN magazine and featured in USA TODAY, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and PEOPLE magazine. There are over five million copies of her books in print, along with hundreds of thousands downloaded online. Reviewers have call her work “emotional and heart-wrenching.”


You can find Kathryn at


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Author Julia Mills
Her Dragon to SlayThe chemistry between this strong-willed curvy girl and
fierce warrior makes all the difference in the world where nothing is as it
seems. The existence of an ancient race of protectors was
hard enough to accept but now the dead are coming back to life and holding a
knife to her neck. 

Can these fated mates defeat their greatest
enemies and get their happily ever after?

Author Stephanie Rowe
Darkness UnleashedForbidden heat explodes between the two tormented, isolated
souls when they meet, a fiery, sensual connection that threatens everything
they hold most dear. Will they survive the passion raging between them? Or will
it cost them the one thing each cannot bear to lose? 

Author PM Briede
Spark – Who knew an
actual soul existed beneath the skin of this monster I let myself become.

Author Jami Brumfield
Remote Paranoia-Sleep at your own Risk

Author Claudy Conn
Dark Love – One goal
consumes Chazma Donnelly: find the dark sorcerer who murdered her parents.

The trail takes her Ireland and Jethro McBain,
but will he and her purpose take her soul?

Author Eden Elsworth
Frippe House – Having inherited the estate of her Great-Aunt Alice, Becky soon finds the mysterious Frippe House is hiding some dark secrets. She faces a choice of dealing with her chequered family history, or going home and abandoning her inheritance.

Author Nicole Garcia
A Love for Somnus - Lailani is a human who longs for the love she cannot have. 
Somnus, the God of Dreams, will never give his
heart to another woman again after the death of his first love. 
Can their hearts be mended? Or will it be too
late to heal the wounds that have scarred them both?
Author Lane Hart
Let Him ReignBorn a prince of the
underworld, Frederick Coughlin, III is forced to stop running from his legacy
after his father is murdered. With all hell breaking loose around him, Eric
realizes that an irresistible woman from his past holds the keys to his future. 

Author Tracey Jane Jackson
Bound By FireWhen Pepper Brooks meets Immortal Viking Prince Connall Gunnach, their
worlds are united in a way neither of them expect.
Author Melanie James
Conjuring DarknessSparks fly as Lexi and Ryan race against time to save mankind
from long forgotten demons.

Author Gena D. Lutz
Chasing MagicAfter a jealous foe unleashes
a hailstorm of mischief onto an unsuspecting small-town, Anika Webb finds
herself battling a volatile spell; where all bets are off, and magic will fly.
Author Michelle Mankin
Strange Magic – A rock
star, a mysterious woman and a little bit of Strange Magic.

Author Marie Mason
You Lucky Witch – The last thing bounty hunter Roark needed was a spell-challenged witch helping him find an escaped demon.

Author A.K. Michaels
The Witch, The Wolf and The VampireThe Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, book 1. From
the moment they meet sparks fly. Can young Witch, Peri, escape those that hunt
her? Can Vampire, Josef, and Wolf, Gabe, keep her safe? Can they stop what is
coming? Read this hot Paranormal Romance to find out.

Author Angela Snyder
Vampire Next Door
After being left for dead in the woods, a woman wakes up from a coma. With no
memory of her past, she is given the name Jane Doe. While trying to adjust to
her new life, tragedy strikes again. However, this time a mysterious and handsome
next-door neighbor is there to help her pick up the pieces. But is he really a
stranger, or does he hold the key to unlocking her past and finding out who
wants her dead? 

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Author Candice Stauffer
Exquisite Breath of DarknessBeing a nearly invincible immortal warrior,
Joseph Payne had never paid attention to time, but now time consumes his every
thought because he is running out of it. 

Fate is about to rip Mia Harte, the only woman
he will ever love, out of his arms because she belongs to Eli Thomas, the
relentless alpha male of one of the strongest lycan packs in the Pacific

Author Melissa Stevens
ChangeA sudden life
threatening injury turns Nickie’s world on its ear, but not in a way she ever
would have predicted. Nickie finds out that not only do shape-shifters exist,
but she is one. The Kitsune are a race of shape-shifters that have been living
in secret alongside humans for centuries. As Nickie struggles to master her
newly discovered shape-shifting and the abilities it brings her, she learns
that some of the people in her life are far more than she knew. Can Nickie
handle all the changes headed her way on her own? Or does she have someone who
can help her?

Author Izzy Szyn
Bite Thy Neighbor – He wants more than a cup of sugar?

Author C.A. Tibbitts
Shifter in Training
Forrest got more than he bargained for when he joined the DEA Shifter Division. 

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