Crescent Vendetta by Desiree L. Scott Review


Title- Crescent Vendetta

Author-Desiree L. Scott


In her life there is one rule: survive. Kidnapped and forced into an underground fighting ring, Vanessa Burns knows each day could be her last. A win and she wakes up tomorrow. A loss and they toss her out with those she’s defeated. Escape is futile; she’d tried and failed. Multiple times. And as she’s forced to live in her shifted form, she’s utterly powerless. So, her life has been dwindled down to one option. And she carries it out to the fullest of her abilities.

Then, another shifter is brought in. Travis Kameron, an Alpha, proves to be a formidable enemy. She knows the day is coming — when she and the Alpha are pitted against each other. And she knows she won’t win. The deadly encounter results in a bloody promise, and Vanessa must choose what is more important to her: fulfilling her vendetta against her greatest enemy, or obtaining the one thing she wants most in her life.

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Reviewed by Kitty Grimm

As soon as I started reading this story, my interest was initiated because it was so different and unique!

Vanessa Burns was kidnapped while running in her shifted wolf form and soon she is faced with having to literally fight for her life in an illegal fighting ring. The loser doesn’t walk away losing means they lose their life. After some time she meets Travis Kameron, an Alpha from a rival pack he has also been kidnapped.

Travis is intrigued by Vanessa and feels a pull towards her. Taken aback by his interest Vanessa tries to fight off the feelings brewing for the alpha wolf she knows she will soon have to face in the ring. She knows it is her only hope of surviving,

The story was extremely is so intriguing from the very first page to the last, it wasn’t too short as some other stories with wolves as main characters. I really enjoyed the fact that the most of the story was from the view point of their shifted forms. I looked forward for the next installment and watching the story grow.  The characters were well written, especially Vanessa, who was the heroine in this story. There were twists and surprises, that made this story so much interesting to read.

Rating- 5 out of 5 Cupcakes!


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