Southern Charms by S.E. Kloos Review


Title: Southern Charms

Author: S.E. Kloos

Rating: 5 out of 5 Cupcakes!

Reviewed by: Kitty Grimm

I received this story for honest review. The story starts with Elizabeth, who has been abused by her ex boyfriend, trying to get away from her past and go to hiding to her relatives she travels to Texas, where she meets Xander who is a rodeo rider. He saves her when she sees her ex at the fair, but her ex gets away. The story follows both characters seamlessly. This book is pretty much a story about how even though you face abusive and set backs there is always room and a chance for love.

I absolutely loved how the author wrote each character from the main characters to smaller side characters. You could relate to the heroine and see how she much grows through out the story, and the villain (her ex) was written so well that I hated him from start to finish.

I recommend this books to everyone who love well written love stories, with amazing plots and hot scenes.

This book gets Five out of Five Cupcakes from me!


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