Sacrificed by Nykki Mills Review


Title- Sacrificed

Author- Nykki Mills

Genre- Paranormal YA

Purchase Here- Amazon

Rating- 4.5 Cupcakes!


Sixteen year old Kass Stathos has it all…
She’s pretty they say. She’s popular they say. She has doting parents. Her boyfriend is the star quarterback. Her high school experience should be picture perfect…
There’s just one thing missing…Her ability to feel fear.
For as long as Kass can remember she’s never felt the sensation of fear—At least that was true until the little girl showed up. No one else sees her. She wants to show Kass things, disturbing things, and she won’t stop until she does. Kass’ perfect life starts to crumble around her.
Until someone long forgotten crashes back into her life.
Ian was sent away after his mother’s tragic suicide. He’s the only one who believes Kass’ wild stories and he’s always there when she needs him. But could there be more to Ian’s return than what he’s sharing?
When the haunting turns violent Kass knows she’s running out of time.
In the search for figure out who the girl is, and how she’s connected to her, Kass uncovers secrets she could have never been prepared for. Secrets hidden behind the mirage of a perfect life.
Secrets that could shatter everything she has ever known…

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Reviewed by Crystal Hernandez

Let me start off by giving you guys a very fair warning- DO NOT READ THIS ALONE AFTER DARK! I made this mistake and I should add that I live right next to a marsh that already creeps me out. Cut to me making my poor Grandmother check my windows because I thought I heard something…. Yes that really happened….

Kass has always felt like there was something wrong or missing. Sure she was a cheerleader and dating the star quarterback of the football team. Sure her parents spoil her. Sure she was one of the popular girls and a lot of girls would kill to be in her shoes.. but something is missing she can’t feel fear. On a night out with her friends at a haunted house attraction she is approached by a stranger and that’s when it all hits the fan! She starts to hear things and see things no normal high school cheerleader should. That’s when the little girl appears (and I freak the f out…)

For me the story did have a slight delay in the beginning but once the story got some momentum oh boy did things get interesting! I can honestly say that the story was super original and breathtakingly creepy. The plot twist is edgy and I will admit I semi-figured it out but then was slapped in the face with something I would have never guessed…. I could tell you but then you wouldn’t have the pleasure of having the crap scared out of you!.

The characters are well written and super realistic giving me flashbacks to my own helltastic high school days. I found myself relating to the characters especially Gina for some weird reason.. can’t put my finger on it though. The story itself was built with few chips in the foundation but was absolutely solid and sturdy. You can tell that the author did her homework for some of the more gruesome parts.

I could easily see this series becoming a Freeform show that i would clear my Tuesday nights to watch with all my lights turned on and my bff on speed dial. This book in my opinion well deserves 4.5 cupcakes out of 5 cupcakes! I strongly suggest adding it to your TBR especially if you loved being scary stories before bed you rebel you!



Nykki Mills is the author of Sacrificed, available on Kindle now. She is also the mother to three amazing little humans who keep her very busy. Wife to wonderful husband who can fix whatever she happens to break. She currently lives in the lovely state of Montana.

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