Fat Girl By K.L. Montgomery Review

Title- Fat Girl
Author-K.L. Montgomery
Genre- Fiction
Purchase Here- Amazon
Rating- 4 out of 5 Cupcakes
She’s used to roller coasters. Her weight has been on one for years, and now her entire life is flying off the track. Divorcing in the wake of her husband’s affair, moving back home to the Delaware beaches,landing her dream writing gig, braving the online dating world, and facing the big 4-0 are enough to make anyone’s head spin. Claire knows her future happiness depends on her ability to reinvent herself. But one fear is standing in her way: that she’s forever destined to be a fat girl.
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Reviewed by Tiffany Terry Cortes
Meet Claire…a 39 year old, soon to be divorced mom whose blog has just given her the opportunity she has been waiting on…a syndicated column for The New York Times. The column is dubbed “The Reinvention” and its focus is based on Claire’s newly single status as she is creeping up on the big 4-0. The column is the catalyst for a year of discovery; she has revelations, she finds love, but more importantly, she finds herself.
While there is a romance factor, the main plot is dedicated to Claire herself. Her journey to realizing and understanding who she is and what place she holds in her new world. The writing style is such that lets the reader know ” you will be smiling while you read this.” And yet it is more. This novel is so much more than its title. It is a quirky testimony dripping with sarcasm and wit that begins with a lost Claire and ends with a beautiful epiphany. She is more than just the “Fat Girl”…she is valuable and she loves herself for it.
I would recommend this to all woman of all ages it is a great read!
This novel gets 4 out of 5 cupcakes from me!
K.L. Montgomery grew up in Greencastle, Indiana. She studied psychology and library science at Indiana University. After a career as a librarian, she now writes novels and wrangles three sons and three cats at her home in rural Delaware which she shares with her partner Mike and the aforementioned creatures. She has an undying love of Broadway musicals, the beach, the color teal, IU basketball, paisleys, and dark chocolate.

You can follow her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GreenCastles or on Twitter (@KLMontgomery8).


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