Destroyed (Chronicles of the Seven Sons Book 1) by Aimee Shaye Review


Title- Destroyed

Author-Aimee Shaye

Genre- Fantasy

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Rating 4 out of 5 Cupcakes


Jade is a ten thousand year old vampire whose life was shattered by a curse from the Fates and a brother who took their words seriously. In an instant the lives of his friends and family were jeopardized and ruined. His twin brother, Corbin, took away the only girl that Jade ever loved, his fiancée Eliza. After her death, Jade turned away from humans and turned toward revenge.

When Jade has a vision of the girl around the corner dying in the hands of his brother, he has only two choices: save her, or let her turn rogue and ruin the world forever.

Will he save her or will he let the world burn?

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Reviewed by Scottica Rapp

I was given this book for a unbiased and honest review

I enjoyed the story line. I got confused on several different things. The beginning of the story switched characters a little more then I would have liked. While it was giving us a little back story. It made me feel as if there was so much being left out that was important. The story line about the Seven brothers didn’t give enough information but spent a Good portion of the book trying to explain things. But, I felt it didn’t explain the right parts. Bouncing between the characters orginal Greek names and the new age names was a little confusing.

I did love the story. Good battling evil. Finding love that blossoms between Jade and Avery was perfect. I love seeing happy endings happy or should I say happy starts since this is book 1 and they carry on into more. As the story progressed it was a lot better to handle and flow through. Once you get past the confusing scenes then your fine and you can grasp things easier. It was a very good start to the series and I recommend to anyone looking for a good read.

That being said there were some rough spots which is why I am giving this book 4 out of 5 cupcakes!


My name is Aimee Shaye. I am a 21 year old self-published author who lives in New York. My first novel, Destroyed, was released on October 31, 2014 (two months early) and is the first book in The Chronicles of the Seven Sons (CSS) series. I am currently working on an erotica trilogy (Each book will be released in between the books of CSS series).


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