Diary Entry 07/23- What reading and blogging mean to me.

This will be my first of what I hope are many diary entries. When I first started this blog I was lost and I can not say that I am found as of yet but I can say I am on my way. I watched as someone close to me had a lot of success with her own blog and after losing everything I had worked for for 10 years I thought to myself “I can do that! How hard can it be?”….

The answer is HARD. Very very hard. I have done giveaways and sales and free events. I have reviewed and created recipes. I have email hundreds if not thousands of companies, authors and publishers to be ignored without not even a thanks for your interest response. I have read tons of how to books and articles. No one tells you how hard it is to run a blog. The emails, the failures and the never being good enough. The likes and dislikes. The many many many ups and downs. The failures to create content that will bring people to your page.

After all that I am still lost and struggling to create something I am proud of. I have given up 3-4 times and taken time off thinking this isn’t my bliss and perhaps I have been following it for no reason. Then something so horrible and earth shattering happens ( It is still to fresh to talk about) and the only thing to bring me out of my bed ridden depression is reading.

Reading has always been my out when things got rough. Reading has been like a best friend who is always there no matter the time or place. When the world got to be too much for me to handle I could visit Alice and fall down the rabbit hole for a couple of hours. Or I could fly off to never land and crow with the best of them. As I grew older I was able to fly with shifters and chase the night with vampires and magical creatures created by magical creatures in their own rights- authors. We focus so much on the stories we forget about the hard working creators. Something I have always want to do was write. The reason I created this blog wasn’t for the followers or shares but for my love of all things literary. I hope to one day be the blog that publishers and authors don’t ignore but for now I am happy to read and share the wonderful books I get to read day to day.

The truth is this is hard and often thankless job but it’s my way of thanking the many hard working authors that in way or another have saved my life many of times. Maybe one day I will be the blog that has over 10k likes or the blog that is no longer ignored by authors and publishers because I don’t have a big enough following. One day. But today I am focusing on why I started this blog and yeah things are extremely tough in my life right now but I will always have wonderland to escape too when need be. So from here on out I will put my everything into this blog in hopes that it will some day be someone’s escape or the reason you smile if for only one second.

If you are reading this and having a hard time know that the road is tough but will soon lead you to where your bliss is.



Single Book Hoarder on her way..





One thought on “Diary Entry 07/23- What reading and blogging mean to me.

  1. You are not ignored. I know how you feel. I know how hard it is. Ultimately, we all choose when to let go of our dreams. I choose to never let go, and that’s my right. What I hope is that you love what you do, and that’s enough. It has to be for artists. It’s not that people don’t know or care. It’s that people are people. They go through life trying to do the best they can. I honestly believe that. The problem is there’s only so much energy and time to give. So do this because you love it. All of us hope to one day be followed and liked by masses of readers eagerly awaiting our next words. It doesn’t mean you’re ignored; it means they’re busy. If you keep working, sooner or later (probably much later), people will take notice. For what it’s worth, I see you. I may not reply or like every post you make, but I don’t arbitrarily follow people. Keep at it for as long as it makes you happy. That’s all anyone can do.


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