Diary Entry 7/24- How do you solve a problem like your TBR?

I can honestly say I hear the words “You have enough books!” at least 2-3 times a week or more. I have been chased in book stores to put down the books and back away. I have pretended to tie my shoe only to make a mad dash to the book section of our local Target. We have taken the long way so I don’t see the Barnes and Nobles or Borders.(yes they still exist here in Florida) Eventually they just shake their heads and mumble something about me needing help as I sashay my way to the counter with my arms full of books to add to the growing pile of books on my desk. This is a habit that I must soon say goodbye to as work isn’t coming easy and my back account hates me….

My desk sports a wonderful pile that is ever growing and I may never get to the bottom of because of all the new pretties coming out! My kindle is busting at the seems and still I cruise Amazon for sales and new releases. So I have decided that after the Submit and Devour author event (where the boy has specific instructions to not give me my card until I have made a full circle of the room and decided on the two books I am allowed to purchase.) I will not be buying any more books until I have made a sizable dent in my TBR.

So how do you solve a problem like your TBR? I have decided to go through and organize it by the want of reading which is extremely hard but needs to be done. I also have a list of over 160 review request and NetGalley calls to me daily (not that I get accepted often) but I MUST FIGHT THE TEMPTATION! So until my review request and my TBR is down considerably I have to pretend there are not like 100 new releases I am dying to get my chubby little fingers on and keep it moving!

How do you get through your TBR? Should we start a book hoarders anonymous? Where we all meet up in a cozy sweater or mermaid blankie (which by the way I am coveting so hard right now…) with a big ol’ cup of tea or coffee and talk about the daily struggles not to one click or run happily through a book store snatching up all the pretties? Should we have a hotline to talk you off the add to cart ledge? Tell me how you get through the trouble of being a book hoarder I need ideas!



A single book hoarder on her way…


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