Crazy Stupid Obsession-Crazy Loves Series #2 by Melissa Toppen Review

Title-Crazy Stupid Obsession
Author- Melissa Toppen
Genre- Contemporary Romance
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Gavin Porter…
Now that’s a name I wish I never had to hear again.
In just one night he managed to turn my entire world upside down.

I’m determined to move past it.
But life doesn’t always cooperate, especially when my roommate is now shacking up with his best friend. If he thinks his boyish charm and crooked smile are enough to make me forget, he has another thing coming.

The heart is a fragile thing. I have no intention of putting mine back in the hands of a man hell bent on seeing how far it will bend before it finally breaks.

Crazy Stupid Obsession is the second of three standalone novels in the Crazy Love Series.

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Reviewed By Tiffany
Meet Gavin and Harlee, both used to their power of “no strings attached”, they are in for a shocking revelation when their hookup becomes an obsession. Fighting the attraction, Gavin pushes Harlee away into the arms of another man. Unable to avoid each other for long, their reunion reignites feelings they’ve fought hard to deny. Forced to acknowledge their love, Gavin is ready to go full force and pick up where they left off, while Harlee struggles with her fears of abandonment and rejection. Those fears lead to conflict that risks the love she craves, but Gavin is done running from his heart.
The second addition in the Crazy Love Series, Melissa Toppen has once again created a fluid HEA romance with enough spice to make you sweat. Her writing style at times is so poetically descriptive that her words effortlessly flow into the reader. Easily could be a standalone novel, but if you haven’t picked up the first in the series, Crazy Stupid Love, you are missing out. Up next in the third addition is Paxton. Keep your eyes peeled for what is sure to be another 5 out of 5.
This books receives 5 out of 5 Cupcakes from me!
Melissa is a Reader’s Choice Award Winning and Bestselling Romance Author of New Adult, Contemporary, Erotic and Romantic Suspense. She is a lover of books and enjoys nothing more than losing herself in a good novel. She has a soft spot for Romance and focuses her writing in that direction; writing what she loves to read.

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