Diary Entry- 8/02/16- Author Signing Events- To go or not to go- That is the question.

Author signing events are an amazing thing! I myself have only been to 3 but boy did I love each and every one of them. As a new blogger they can be extremely hit or miss- there are some authors who are beyond thrilled to see you and talk about their work and then there are some authors who couldnt muster up the energy and just sit there and nod their heads at you while you talk about your blog.

Of the three events I went to two as a blogger bringing along treats for the many authors. Treats I had spent most of the night before baking and packing all the while stoked to meet some amazing authors! It has been my experience that about 90 percent of authors and pas are just as stoked to meet you and exchange information as you are.

Then there is the other 10 percent whom couldn’t care less and practically check out the minute they hear the word blogger. For example my first outing as a blogger I brought cookies for the authors to enjoy and one author in particular demanded not one not two but three cookies before even letting me finish my rehearsed introduction. Which of course broke my heart as she mmhmmed me and didn’t even ask my blogs name.

Now understand I FREAKING LOVED this particular author- followed her everywhere possible bought all her books both in ebook and paperback because they were special to me. After that day I strongly questioned if I should ever go to another signing- if it was worth my time and energy.

Let us circle back to the 90 percent shall we? They are bubbly and happy and can not stop telling you how much they appreciate you and all other bloggers. They are pushing swag in your hands and hugging you and melting your heart. They are asking questions about you and your blog.They are rockstars in every way yet they adore you their fan and they are the reason I will continue to bake till the wee hours of the night and make it to every signing event my short stubby legs will carry me to.

So yes go – go to as many as you can. Go and know that yes some authors just like people can be jerks and they can make you feel small and like a blip on their radar but some authors will make you feel like you are needed and feel loved. Those are the authors who I will ALWAYS read who I will ALWAYS support and sign up to anything and everything they need me to.



A single book hoarder on her way.


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