Sacred Light by Simone Pond Review


Title- Sacred Light (Armor of Magic Book 1)

Author- Simone Pond

Genre- Urban Fantasy


Fiona Farrow is ignoring her destiny.

Fiona has no interest in guarding the Sacred Scrolls from the evil Shadow Order. Not after the same job took her parents away.

But when a powerful demon mage from the Shadow Order steals one of the Sacred Scrolls and starts hunting down Protectors of Light, Fiona will have to put on her magical suit of armor and face her fears.

If she doesn’t, the Shadow Order will destroy humanity and banish Fiona to an obscure dimension for the rest of her nightmarish eternity.

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Reviewed by Crystal

Fiona just turned 21 and all she wants to have the life that any normal 21 year old would have and oh to lose her virginity. So the list goes as follows- Lose virginity- Be normal- and be a world renounced journalist.  Things seem to be on going just as Fiona hoped. A job at Seattle’s hip newspaper and a new (old) home that her late grand mother has left her. That is until her guardian Ezra finds her and refuses to let her ignore her destiny any longer. Fiona try as she might can not ignore his stalking any longer and finally gives in.

I truly enjoyed reading Fiona’s adventures in Light Guardian 101. Her spunk brings me memories of Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan with a little Charley Davidson thrown in. Throw in a hot Guardian and a hotter contractor to fix up her late grandmothers home and you have a great story line with a very creative and original set up. There were quips all positioned perfectly and a great start to a rag tag team beginning with a fairy, a healer, and a fallen angel oh my! I loved how much of the paranormal world the the author touched upon! I also loved the very original concept of invisible armor that Fiona must wear…. I wonder if they make a breast plate in my size??

 My love for this sure to please new series runs deep. I will however mention that the story did have some spots that dragged a bit and I felt was unnecessary in the very beginning of the story set up but that being said I can not wait to get to the next installment in the series! I think this is a start of a beautiful friendship!

I give this book 4 cupcakes out of 5!


Simone Pond writes sci-fi novels for young and new adults. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their Boston Terrier.

To find out more and to join the mailing list for updates on new releases, visit


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