Stepbrother Daddy by J.L. Beck Review


Title- Stepbrother Daddy

Author- J.L. Beck

Genre- Romance

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Alpha Male. Check
Toss your panties out the window worthy sex. Check
HEA. Check
One secret baby. Check


They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I say that’s the biggest lie ever, as does the positive pregnancy test sitting on my bathroom counter.

It was supposed to be a one night. A mutual agreement of shared pleasure, and passion, but now it’s turned into so much more than that.

So much so that there is no way I can run from the future thats growing deep inside of me.

Still I’m not cut out to be a mom and I can’t do this alone.


Her memory is all I can feel and see in my mind. I want her, and I’ll do whatever I can to find her and make her mine again.

It’s on the night that our parents announce their union of marriage that I find out the woman I slept with in Vegas is not only my new step sister but also carrying my unborn child.

Her insecurities are clear as day. She’s afraid to be a mom, and even more afraid that I don’t want her or the baby and she’s wrong, so wrong.

However, finding out she is having my baby, just makes things that much more simple because now I can claim her as my own.

She can try and run from me, even hide but, I’m still going to do whatever I can to prove to her just how much I want her and my unborn baby.

Can Emily let go of her insecruties and see that she is more than fit to be a mother, or will her and Jasper forever be seperated by her fears?

Emily might be ready to end things, but Jasper’s just getting ready to claim what’s rightfully his.

18+ mature themes like sex, language, and an alpha male that refuses to let go. Trigger warning for those that have suffered loss of a child, or have dealt with baby blues/postpartum depression please perpare yourself before reading this book.


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Reviewed by Tiffany C.
A simple look that led to a collision of passion where they’d never be the same. Looking for a no strings night of release, Emily and Jasper couldn’t have imagined how much that night would forever alter the course of their lives.
Abandoned by her mother, Emily feels incomplete; like there is something pivotal she lacks within herself that makes her unworthy. Craving a taste of fulfillment, she convinces herself that one night with Jasper wouldn’t hurt.
When Emily finds herself expecting, she’s overcome with fear that she’ll follow in her mother’s footsteps. Along with that fear comes the realization that she needs to find and tell Jasper. In a rare twist of fate, life brings Jasper to her in the from of her father’s new fiancé’s son.
In Jasper’s eyes, seeing Emily again and knowing she’s carrying his child cements what he’s been feeling since that night…She is his forever. Determined to show Emily her worth, Jasper embarks on a journey of healing, acceptance, and romance with the love of his life that ends in a well deserved HEA.
Classified as a stepbrother romance, I can appreciate that JL Beck doesn’t take that aspect overboard. While it is subtle point in the plot, it definitely isn’t the focus. There are a few spellcheck issues that fail to take away from the story and can be easily overlooked. The persistence and heart it takes Jasper to win over Emily is heartwarming and the extended epilogues give the reader a true sense of a complete HEA.
This story has earned 4 out of 5 cupcakes from me!
J.L. Beck is the Best Selling Author of some of your favorite series, those including The Kingpin Love Affair Series, The Bittersweet Series, The Ties Series, The Project: Series, The Worth It Series, and The Stepbrother Romance Series.

She’s a 24 something year old, who plays mother to two adorable minions during the day, and wife and author by night. Whenever she can you will find her reading, lounging around the house, or playing with her two German Shepard pups Halo, and Hatchi.

Her favorite books are those that leave a lasting impression, and that have you coming back for more.

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