Devina by Kayla Smith Review


Title- Devina

Author- Kayla Smith

Genre- Paranormal Romance

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When I was five years old, I watched as my parents were murdered before my eyes. Now, twenty years later, I have become something most humans fear, and I am back with a vengeance, to kill the two men responsible for taking my family away from me.
I am a vampire, but I am far more lethal than the vampires you see on the television. If you cross paths with me, you are likely to die. My name is Devina Lockwood, and I am here to kill the President and Vice President of the United States of America.


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Reviewed by Kitty G.

I received this book for honest review.

This is book was a story of Devina Lockwood, who faces many hardships in her young life, but these terrible events build her into the person she is meant to be. She is also a vampire of royal blood and quite possibly the last in her line.. and out for revenge.

The vampires in this story are a bit different than from other books paranormal books I have read in the past which is amazing, because usually I come across plots that are so very similar to so many other vampire novels out there right now. I like that this book had a fresh take on vampires and really enjoyed the plot line.

I did find myself confused at some points in the story, the reason being that I am not used to reading stories from first person’s view. However I continued forward and I found myself enjoying the plot and the main characters more and more. I found our heroine to be very realistic and easy to relate to. Devina to me was very strong willed but you could see glimmers of how fragile she could be at times at least in my mind’s eye, but that made it much easier for me to feel like I was in her shoes while reading and see through her eyes.

I recommend this story for those who like finding something new and different from normal mainstream vampires to read.

I give this story four out of five cupcakes.


Kayla Smith was born in Southbridge, Massachusetts in 1988. She currently works full time as a department manager at McDonalds, when she isn’t working as a mommy of three wonderful kids. She moved her and her family to Florida, where she now gets to avoid all the snow and freezing weather that New England brought her.
When she has a break from all of the craziness, she likes to spend her time reading and writing. She loves to write paranormal and she reads almost anything.
Her favorite supernatural creatures are Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches. If she could become one of them, it would be a Vampire with the powers of Witches. She wants to live forever and have additional powers to help keep it interesting.



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