Rising Shadows by Bridget Blackwood Review


Title- Rising Shadows

Author- Bridget Blackwood

Genre- Paranormal Romance

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Labeled an Arcane, Rachel Ryan wonders if she’s human anymore. After she’s thrown headlong into the world of The Preternatural Rachel learns Shapeshifters, Faeries, and Vampires aren’t legends. They’ve been living hidden in plain sight among humans. In her quest to save a child she will set off a cataclysmic chain of events. Her actions will disrupt the carefully balanced political chess board, casting once powerful pieces to the floor. A werewolf protector, a lost princess, a mad vampire, and an exiled Fae named Winter will rise up to challenge the status quo. A war that has been brewing in the shadows for centuries is ready to explode. Rachel must choose where her allegiance lies, tipping the scales, but who is an enemy and who is a friend?




MORE THAN ONCE I tried to claw my way up from unconsciousness. I remain unable to move through the arguing and crying, people prodding my body.

All I want is to wake up. I’ve got to find Livia.

Pain propels me over the threshold of sleep and into waking. Another prison cell. Not a sugar coated version like at the Institute. Brick walls and a door made of steel bars cage me.

The fiery throbbing on the left side of my body calls, I remember now I was shot. The bullet entered below the collarbone. White bandages wrap my shoulder and encircle my chest covering my breasts. To hold my arm immobile, a bandage fuses my arm to my side at the elbow. The wound itches and I scratch at it absentmindedly. I realize too late it is going to hurt, except it doesn’t.

I got shot, why doesn’t it hurt? Just a second ago it hurt like hell.

Gingerly, I peel back the bandage to look at the wound. Before my eyes, I can see it healing.

Well, that’s not normal.

A pair of jeans and a tee shirt lay at the foot of the cot. Whoever the jeans belong to is close to my size. Well-worn with holes in the knees, the jeans fit comfortably, but the t-shirt is too big. I don’t mind. Fitted clothing would aggravate my wound. Dressing is cumbersome, and it burns, but I manage. Utilizing my good arm, I run my hand through the tangled mess on my head.

I turn towards the door, and a man is on the other side. The guy that growled at the guard for grabbing me. My knight in shining armor, the man from the loft, close enough I could reach out and touch him. Tall, lean, and muscular, his longish and unruly hair is an earthy dark coffee color with gold highlights. His jaw is clean-shaven and he wears a pair of dark blue jeans and a grey sweater. Not glowing, so maybe I imagined it, but his green eyes are still amazing as he carefully takes me in.

Did he watch me get dressed?

He crosses his arms over his chest, widening his stance. “If you even think about trying any of your Jedi mind tricks on me I will break your neck before you can blink.”

My jaw drops and I sputter, “Um, that’s fair. Wait, if I’m a Jedi does that mean you believe I am one of the good guys?”

One corner of his mouth tips up. “No, it means I like Star Wars.”

“Bummer.” I mutter.

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Rachel Ryans wakes up in an unfamiliar hospital room with no memory of how or why she is there. Her head is fuzzy and so are her memories. She quickly discovers that she is not in the hospital and she is no longer the person she thinks she is or used to be anyway and the things that go bump in the night aren’t just stories….

She is made to do horrific and nightmare causing actions to other living being and she has no way of getting out of the hell hole she is trapped in. Until all hell breaks loose.

Bastien Bonvillian your typical single playboy well almost… He is a shifter and son to the Alpha Prime Claude Bonvillian. For him life is just a party equipped with a revolving door of lovely ladies. That is until Rachel Ryans walks into his bar followed by a group of gun welding men and a little girl who reminds of someone from his past.

Life as these two know it will NEVER be the same!

When beginning this book I was on a looong very looong bus ride and in need of an escape from Pervy Pervason sitting next to me so I pulled out my handy dandy Kindle and I was not disappointed! You are thrown into the story and mixed up in the chaos and there is no time to fasten your seat-belts for this extremely action packed plot twisting ride!

I quickly fell in love with Bastian and I am not sure I will ever be the same for any Book Boyfriends I am may have in the future. He is not only a prime piece of bad boy alpha meat but turns out he is a bog ol’ softy and is just how I like my book boyfriends thank you very much!

I am not normally a fan of instalove and sometimes find it vom-worthy but the author had such a light touch and skill that before you knew it BAM instalove and you the reader couldn’t help but be in love as well. The plot of this storyline is very original and not like other paranormal books out there! If you are looking for an exciting escape into a new book world I strongly suggest this book!

The only reason this book doesn’t get a full five stars is the beginning (and only the beginning) was a bit slow for my taste but that being said this book gets

4.5 out of 5 cupcakes from me!



Bridget Blackwood is a Texas girl living in the St. Louis area with her husband, three children, and a menagerie of pets. She is a self proclaimed horror movie addict and an avid reader with a voracious appetite for romance of all kinds. Her paranormal series, World in Shadows, started as a what-if daydream scenario. Loud, demanding characters keep pushing her to write more.



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