A book nerd and her HEA? Maybe? Journal Entry.

So if you follow us you have probably noticed things have slowed down a bit. Life has not been going smoothly for me and everything around me was crumbling.

I LOVE reading and blogging and baking I really really do but sadly it doesn’t pay the bills and finding a job has not worked as of yet. Bills have piled up and my world have become hectic and crazy.  Along like a bat of hell comes this beautiful wonderful man who has made me fall in love with him and has decided to open his heart and home to me.

SO I am now  moving from Sanford, Florida to Fort Lauderdale into a studio apartment with my two fur babies in tow. So yet another new start and I feel it in my gut that this will work. it is going to be extremely difficult beyond belief to lose everything again but I am taking a leap of faith.

It has been more than 10 yrs since I have lived with a man let alone the true definition of a bachelor…. We are talking full on bachelor futon and all lol. He is such a simplest and I am over the top so I know this is going to be one hell of an adventure! Now I am tasked with the sorting of what I can and can not take with me and what sadly needs to be either left behind of put in storage.

I call it the hunger games Crystal’s shitty life edition! Me and hmmm up until know I haven’t decided what to call him. let us call him Mr Charming for now as he is my prince charming. me and Mr. Charming has come to an agreement after much debate and I am allowed to bring 2 book cases. If you are a die hard booknerd out there you have all gasped collectively lol. Yes 2 book cases one full and one empty for ya know the books I will eventually end up with (Charming knows me well indeed). So here I sit in my living room trying to decide what books out of my 400 plus books will make the cut to come live with me in my tiny studio sized castle. May the odds ever be in their favor!


How would you make this very tough decision?



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