Where oh where has EBL Inc been?

So if you follow us you have noticed a very loud radio silence on all of our social across the board and for that we apologize.

A little over a month ago I received a phone call while visiting my boyfriend that my grand mother had accidentally set my kitchen on fire… Of course i am freaking out about my animals and my home and when I asked this fire fighter that has been so nice to call me how bad things were he could only laugh and ask if I had renters insurance (which btw my luck would have it had just finished and needed to be renewed). Thanks to the lovely and oh so sensitive response I got from the fire department of Sanford Florida I am left to sit alone in my boyfriends tiny apartment to freak out and think the worst.

Finally my boyfriend gets out of work and takes the next day off and we start on our 4 hour drive from Fort Lauderdale to Sanford to find out the damage first hand. What i walked into was heart breaking and maddening and so many other words that escape me right now. My kitchen, my haven of baking, the heart of my home was done for cabinets burned. All my baking utensils and electronics gone. Then we start to look at everything else- I forgot to mention that the kitchen fire set off the sprinklers in the entire apartment… everything I own was covered in 3-6 inches of water. All my signed books all my beloved treasures gone. Every thing was water logged and I did not know where to begin.

Thanks to my wonderful hero of a boyfriend we began to dig into the worst of it- The Kitchen. We basically threw everything away. So many bags of things I once loved were thrown away, Then came the boxes upon boxes of books that had no hope of being kept. Now you may not know my history but I am originally from NY and lost my career of 10 yrs and thought that Florida would be a wonderful new start for me (you should see my face right now lol). However I could only bring so much we me on this move and the ONLY things I brought with me was my beloved books and I basically had to rebuild my life.

So here I am again- having to start over. Having to rebuild but only now I don’t have my books to escape into when the world for lack of a better word sucks the soul out of me. I lost so much that day- including the relationship I had with my grandmother who decided that she didnt have to deal with any of this and picked up and moved back to New York. Leaving me holding the mess, the bills and all the responsibilities.

2 weeks of cleaning and trying to salvage things and basically gutting the entire apartment and packing up my fur babies who thank god only came out of this ordeal soaked and a bit jumpy I mean I would be more than jumpy had I been in their place) into my truck and making the drive to my boyfriend studio apartment which we now call home. Yes you heard (read) that right it is me and my boyfriend plus 3 furbabies in a teenie sardine can of an apartment. I joke all the time that thank god for the fire or we wouldn’t be able to fit into the apartments with my books and things.

So what is a blogger to do with no books, no kindle and no laptop? Fall down a hole of depression or at least that is what I did. Some days are better than others but some days I would just cry and not even get out of bed.

My savoir other than my amazeballs bearded gaming boyfriend is this book community. This community and its amaze authors have refused to let me give up and I have received so many loving words. After visiting Shameless Book Con I had two bags full of books from some truly amazing authors and smuffins and there were somany tears of thankfulness and happiness. My amazing friend Crystal Matz (a fellow blogger) started an auction event and raised a little over 200 hundred dollars which right now is a heaven sent as I am tapped. I have no money to pay for anything and I have sent out my resume to hundreds of place and received nothing but silence.

We are slowly trying to get the blog back up (my boyfriend has gifted me his laptop) and I am trying my best to get back into the kitchen to create some recipes but it is HARD. So I ask you for your patience please.


Thank you so much for following our blog and helping me realize that giving up is not an option.


A Humbled bookworm on her way.


One thought on “Where oh where has EBL Inc been?

  1. I’m so happy to have you back online. I’m also glad to know that despite everything that has happened to you that your sense of humor is still intact. My thoughts and viral hugs are with you.


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