Sweet Venom by Gena D. Lutz Review


Title- Sweet Venom

Author- Gena D. Lutz

Genre- Urban Fantasy

Purchase links- Amazon

Rating- 4 Cupcakes



My name is Cassis Dark, and I am a Spider Venin. My bite is venomous and can paralyze a man within seconds of exposure, and if I choose, it can kill.

When I was a teenager, my stepmother sold me into slavery. As a newly freed woman, I fight to protect the innocent from a world of pain with which I’m all too familiar.

The evils that stalk the night aren’t all human. Good thing for their intended victims…neither am I.

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Reviewed By Crystal H.

Cassie Dark is battling some demons from her past… both figuratively and emotionally. She use to belong to the queen yep you read that right she was considered a possession of the queen and her hell hounds who mercilessly tortured her and the many others of the queens Harem.

Cassie escaped and is now fighting for the victims. Victims of the paranormal monsters that go bump in the night, including the queen and her nasty vicious hell hounds, good thing for Cassie that her bite is oh so worst than her bark! Cassie is a venin- a poisonous spider venin and you do not want to be in the path of her fangs!

Gena D. Lutz has done it again- creating a new spin on the paranormal world of writing and doing do beautifully! This story takes off running and does not slow down for a minute. Readers will need to keep up and catch their breathe before diving into the next installment.

The Sweet-

The world Gena create in Sweet Venom is dirty and gritty but also has hidden beauty within its folds. The beauty comes from Cassie and her undying love for her friends who have become her family and the fact that she is willing to risk being caught by the evil queen and her minions again in order to save those she holds dear as well as their family. I fell head over heels for Cassie and totally developed a girl crush. She herself is a victim but refuses to let that stand in the way of saving and preventing future victims.

I also love the paranormal species the author creates. Venin are similar to Shifters but better. They take on the characteristics of what kind of venin they are but dont completely shift. Making them they more dangerous. I also enjoyed reading the strong female characters the author created. Complete bad asses that weren’t your typical damsels in distress.

Kudos to the author is building on the relationship between the heroine Cassie and Werewolf Jake. I was so pleased to see it wasn’t the instalove found in so many novels now and is being cleverly crafted slowly but strongly by the author.

The Sour-

The reason for the 4 cupcakes and not a full 5 cupcakes is completely based on my own personal need to know more about Cassie and her past. I want to know how she become trapped by the queen. We know her step mother sold her but I want to see more of that story. I want to see her inner workings and understand her better as the bad ass that she is. I wish the story was a bit longer so that there was a bit more attention to detail for me as a reader. I love immersing myself into the world of the book I am reading and wish there was more time to do so with this wicked  amazeballs read.

Rating- 4.5 out of 5 cupcakes


Gena D. Lutz is the USA Today Best Selling author of Sonnet Vale, Paranormal Hunter, which was one of 13 contributions to Romancing the Paranormal: All New Tales. She writes in both the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres and has five novels currently available for download on Amazon.com.

Gena would love to hear from her readers! You can find her here:



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