Meet Me Monday Mary J. Williams Spotlight and Interview


A little about Mary J. Williams-

Want to know how to motivate yourself to write a book?
Have your favorite football team lose the Super Bowl.
On the last play.
With an interception.
The next day I was so depressed I tuned out all media. No TV, no internet, no newspapers–nothing. And I started to write. I’m still writing.
As you can see, a little motivation can do wonders.
Football will play a big part in a series of books due out next year. And since I’m writing the ending? No interceptions. Guaranteed.

We have never had the pleasure of meeting Mary but stalk, tee hee I mean follow her online. She is genuine and truly appreciates her fans! We are so excited to dive deeper with this interview-

EBL- Do you remember what made you want to become an author? How old were you?

MJW- I was a teenager in high school. I can’t remember when I wasn’t reading romances novels. Some great. Some really bad. And everything in between. I had one of those. “I can write something better than this” moments. What I soon found out is that writing isn’t easy whether it is brilliant or crap. It took me some time before I wrote my first book. I will leave it up to my readers to decide which side of the scale my work falls on. But I can guarantee, there is somebody out there think they could do better. My only response? Good luck. It it’s not as easy as it looks.

EBL- Who are some authors that you look up to or admirer?

MJW- For me it begins and ends with Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb. I own every book she has ever written—on my book shelves.

EBL- Who would be your dream co-author?

MJW- I can’t say because to be honest I don’t understand how the process works. I know in the case of James Patterson, he doesn’t write a word of his “co-authored books”. He simply puts his stamp of approval on the finished product. I’ve heard other authors who claim they write, edit, and sweat out every word together. That seems like it would take forever. So, for the time being, my dream co-author is nobody.

EBL- Out of all the characters you have created- Which is you absolute favorite?

MJW- Whichever one I’m currently writing. It isn’t that I’m fickle. I love all my characters. But I move on quickly to the next. I get invested. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to pore my heart into their story.

EBL- What do you look for when designing or purchasing book covers?

MJW- I need to feel a connection. There is no rhyme or reason. I just know it when I see it.

EBL- How often do you find time to read? How long would you say your TBR is?

MJW- It’s sad, but the more I write, the less I read other authors. I used to read constantly, but now, there isn’t time. I have my favorites. Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Mary Balogh, Susan Elizabeth Philips. And a few others that I make time to read. But my TBR list has dwindled to a precious few.

EBL- What advice would you have for your younger self who just started writing?

MJW- Make connections in the writing world NOW!!! The more people you know, the easier it is to spread the word about your books. And, it’s nice to have people you can turn to for advice. I jumped into the writing world without knowing anybody in the industry. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, but it might have been smoother if I had cut down a few of the trees in my path before I started.

EBL- As an author do you have any regrets?

MJW- Not starting sooner. But I tried. For some reason, I couldn’t write when I was younger no matter how hard I tried. The words would not come. I’m just grateful I can do it now.

EBL- How often would you say your real life inspires your writing?

MJW- To a point. They say write what you know. But that only goes so far. Imagination has to take over at some point. My first book series was set in a small town in Eastern Washington State. I grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington State. After that, the similarities ended. But I was able to use some of my experiences.

EBL- Would you ever want any of your works to become a television show or movie? If so who is on your dream cast?

MJW- I’m sure every author dreams of seeing their stories made into a TV show or movie. It would be so exciting. I have my celebrity crushes, but I never picture one person when I write. I would want an open casting call. I would know my hero and heroine when I saw them.

EBL- How do you react or deal with negative reviews of your work?

MJW- It hurts. I’m only human and I want everybody to love what I do. But I’ve reached a point where I don’t worry about it.

EBL- What are you currently working on?

MJW- My latest project is titled. “With One More Look At You”. It is due out in late February. I have dealt with first love. Lost love. Almost love at first sight. This time, I will call it surprise love. The main characters meet when he is eighteen and she is fifteen. There is nothing romantic between them. Not even a spark of interest on either side. But they do become friends. Years later, to their surprise, love happens. I am loving Forbes and Sophie. I’ve never written anything quite like this love story and I’m have a great time with it.

EBL- How do you prepare to write? Do you have a ritual before you are ready to write?

MJW- Nope. I pretty much sit my butt in the chair and do it. Every day. Sometimes I get a lot done. Sometimes it’s a page or two. But I think of writing like exercise. If I don’t do it on a regular basis, my brain will become flabby. It’s harder to start again after long break than to do it every day.

EBL- As an author do you prefer to read via ebook or paperback?

MJW- I like to hold an actual book in my hands. Ebooks are convenient for when I travel, but otherwise, no.

EBL- If you could have any one and we mean any one featured on a cover of your book who would it be?

MJM- Alexander Skarsgard. Gorgeous. And those eyes!

EBL- Who would you say most supports and inspires you?

MJW- My mother. Hands down. No debate.

EBL- How do you deal with fear or jitters before a new release?

MJW- I’m writing my seventeenth book. I won’t say the nerves have disappeared altogether. But I’ve put enough books out there that I can be fairly philosophical. I did my work. Wrote the best book I could. Publicized. The rest is up to the people who buy the books. And I’ve been very lucky. I have a loyal and vocal following. To them—and all readers. Thank you!

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Amazon Author Page:
Check out Mary J. Williams Latest Release!
Flowers for Zoe (Hart of Rock and Roll Book Four)
A stand alone novel.
🌺FLOWERS FOR ZOE (Hart of Rock and Roll Book Four)🌺
Zoe Hart knows who she is. Sister, friend. And badass lead guitar player for The Ryder Hart Band. A childhood filled with all-to-real monsters and the uncertainty of foster homes left her no choice but to grow up fast. To survive she built a wall that over time had gotten taller—thicker. She didn’t let in anybody but her closest friends. And even they didn’t know all her secrets. She doesn’t need a man in her life to make it better. She doesn’t need a man. Period. Especially a cocky, charming rock God who is used to women falling at his feet.
Smith Carson had known Zoe Hart since she was teenager. Pretty. Amusingly snarky. She was more of a girl than a woman. While he admired her as a musician, he always thought of her as Ryder Hart’s little sister. In other words, hands off. When that changed, he wasn’t certain. All he knew was that one day—in what seemed like a blink of the eye—she was all grown up. Breathtakingly gorgeous. Along with an outer maturity, her snarky tongue had turned from amusing to acid sharp. If Smith wanted Zoe—and he did—it was going to take more than some charm and a smile to win her.
Resisting Smith had been easy when Zoe thought he was a shallow, narcissistic pretty boy. The attraction was there, but that was all. Smith didn’t try to hide his intentions. He wanted Zoe. To her surprise—as she got to know him—she found herself wanting him back. Before she knew what was happening, he snuck underneath her well-constructed walls. Smith was on a path to her heart—something Zoe hadn’t thought possible.
It was tempting. Smith was tempting. But secrets—no matter how well buried—have a way of digging their way to the surface. Demons—both emotional and real—have haunted Zoe most her life. It’s time to face them once and for all.
Can Zoe find a way to open her heart to what Smith is offering? Or will the past destroy what she wants the most? Love.
Get the long awaited, emotionally packed standalone novel today.


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