A Witchy Business by D.S. Butler Review


Title- A Witchy Business

Author- D.S. Wrights

Genre- Paranormal Cozy Mystery

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The small town of Abbott Cove holds a secret…
It’s home to the Grant family of witches!
Harper Grant is happy working at Archie’s Diner as she tries her best to avoid the attentions of the town’s gossips.
However, when a body turns up during Abbott Cove’s annual festival, she begins to understand her family isn’t the only one hiding secrets.
With the help of the new swoon-worthy police officer, Joe McGrady, Harper finds herself on the trail of the perpetrator. Will Harper uncover the killer’s identity before it’s too late?

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Reviewed by Crystal H.

Harper Grant is special but she rather no one know just how special she is. In a small town where gossip runs a muck and no is safe from the gossip mill Harper rather just fade into the back round. Only fading into the back round is rather hard when you are a witch… one that see’s and speaks with ghost for that matter.

Her parents have always taught her to run or rather ignore her special skills entirely which didn’t feel right with her. So when her wacky Grandmother who is also a witch offers her and her sister a place to stay and guidance on her magic when she is a teenager they both move from the hustle and bustle of city life to small town living.

Harper has been able to settle in to small town living and is able to hide her powers from the all seeing eyes of the gossip mill. That is until one of the towns most persnickety citizens is murdered. The only person who can help solve this case is Harper. Well she has no choice as she is currently being haunted by none other than Elizabeth Naggington (whose name is perfect for her btw).

The sweet-

I instantly felt a connection with Harper as a native New Yorker who recently moved to a small town as well as her relationship with her zany Grandma Grant! She has such great relationships with both her Grandmother as well as her sister Jess and that made reading so much more enjoyable! I found the story a fun lighthearted read filled with snark and unfortunate events! I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

The sour-

Though I enjoyed this story I did find some aspects repetitive which hindered me from being able to fully immerse myself in the book. I think had the author created a bit more of a back story for certain characters she would not have to repeat certain feelings or characteristics.


For the most part i adored this story and read it rather quickly.

4 out of 5 cupcakes!


Danika writes under the names D. S. Butler and Dani Oakley. She writes mysteries in many different flavours — some grittier than others. Her cozy mysteries have a light tone and full of fun.

She also writes a detective series set in London, which features one of my favourite characters, Jack Mackinnon. These books are a little grittier.
The books she writes as Dani Oakley are set in the East End of London in the fifties and sixties. They are full of gangsters and strong female characters. These books are darker in tone and span a longer time period.

For more information about the author visit her website-dsbutlerbooks.com


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