Ghostly Interest by Lily Harper Hart Review


Title- Ghostly Interest

Author- Lily Harper Hart

Genre- Paranormal Cozy

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Harper Harlow lives in a world of ghosts.
She sees them. She talks to them. She investigates them. She sends them on their merry way.
She’s not embarrassed by her abilities, and she’s not afraid to be who she is. She’s also not looking for a relationship.
Enter Jared Monroe, a smooth-talking police detective who sees things in black and white and ignores any shades of gray. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, and while he’s intrigued by the feisty blonde ghost detective, he’s not interested in the paranormal.
When twenty-one-year-old Annie Dresden’s body washes up on the beach of Whisper Cove, Harper and Jared collide. Sparks may be flying, but so is confusion and mistrust.
Harper calls on her loyal band of ghost hunters to solve the crime, and Jared relies on his training to tackle the same problem. It doesn’t matter what approach they take because all paths are destined to intersect.
Can Harper and Jared learn to work together? And, more importantly, can new ghosts let go of the past and give in to an obscure future? It’s anyone’s guess when big personalities go to war and find they might have more in common than they think.

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Harper Hart has a very special talent and she has had it all her life, much to the dismay of her parents and the town of Whisper Cove. She can not only see the dead she can speak to them and also help them cross over. Yes it is a quiet unbelievable talent and some may say she is missing a few marbles but time and time again she has proven herself and the town and all her loved ones have no reason not to believe.

That is until someone has been murdered and the new Detective Jared Monroe has no reason to believe her. He thinks she is simply gearing for attention and is in the way of his investigation, but strange things keep happening and they all involve Harper Hart.

The Sweet-

Page one of this story is already filled with ghost hunting action and I enjoyed the fact that it began with a bit of a bang! I found this book bringing me fond memories of my Ghost Whisperer binge watching nights and I was made at it! Harper is confidant and proud of her talents and sees no reason to hid them which made her all the more real and girl crush worthy. She lives with her gay best friend Zander who brings the laughs to the story and I loved the special bond the two had between them.

The mystery itself had some good twist and turns and had me eager to find out who murdered the poor college student. I also found all the main characters to be realistic and quite likable.

The Sour-

At times the story seemed to slow down a little to much for my pace of reading and I found it hindering to the book itself. I also found the relationship between Jared and Harper to be a little annoying with the back and forth of it all and I just wanted it to be kind of down with so we could get back to the plot.

With that being said I still found the book quite enjoyable and look forward to reading more of the story. I rate this story 3.5 out of 5 cupcakes!


I’m a romantic at heart. A true romantic. I love the idea of a happy ending, so much so I have trouble writing a sad one. The world is sad enough. I like escaping in fiction. That’s just me. I like sarcasm and snark – but I’m not sure a sad ending is in me. If you’re looking for an edge like that, you’re probably looking in the wrong place. Just FYI.
I am the author of the Hardy Brothers Security romantic suspense series, A Maddie Graves Mystery series, An Ivy Morgan Mystery series and the upcoming A Harper Harlow Mystery series.
I love magic and love. I hope you do, too.



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