Meet Me Monday- Elaine Barris Interview and Spotlight


Elaine Barris is the author of hot vampire romances. She loves anything and everything vampire or paranormal. When not working on her latest book, she sits in traffic on her way to or from work, thinking of stories, or hanging out with her husband of over 20 years. And she’s always spoiling her fur baby rotten.


EBL- Do you remember what made you want to become an author? How old were you?
EB- I don’t remember how old I was. I was avid reader as soon as I could read. I think it was a natural progression to want to write as well.
EBL- Who are some authors that you look up to or admirer?
EB- Anne Rice, most definitely. I read her Interview with The Vampire and was blown away. She was one of the first authors that actually took me into the world she was writing about. I felt like I was in the book with the characters.
EBL- Who would be your dream co author?
EB- Anne Rice! lol!!!! Wouldn’t that be a dream come true!
EB:L- Out of all the characters you have created- Which is you absolute favorite?
EB- Oh boy. Um. I adore my Julian Montfort from the Master For Tonight Duet. He’s so “dommy”. He’s got that whole tall, dark and alpha thing going on. Zane, from my Flames of Vampire Passion Series, is a party. He’s got a filthy mouth, loves to get down and dirty, and loves his woman with his whole heart. The Flames of Vampire Passion Series has so much humor in it. I gotta say, at least right now, Zane is my fave.
EBL- As you know Crystal likes to create recipes based on books- If there was one recipe you would say would go hand in hand with your book what would it be?
EB- Maybe mulled wine since it’s chilly now.
EBL- What do you look for when designing or purchasing book covers?
EB- Something eye catching, unusual, isn’t using the same model that’s everywhere.
EBL- Do you listen to music or create a play list when writing or do you need complete silence to be with your muse?
EB- I’ve always got some kind of background noise, either music or tv, going on while I’m writing. My pc is in our living room, so I had to learn how to tune noise out.
EBL- How often do you find time to read? How long would you say your TBR is?
EB- The only time I have to read is between writing novels, or when one of favorite authors releases a book. For example, Karen Moning is releasing the last book in her Fever Series. I am dropping everything and reading that book when it lands on my kindle.
EBL- What advice would you have for your younger self who just started writing?
EB- Feel the fear and do it anyway.
EBL- As an author do you have any regrets?
EB- No, not really.
EBL- If you could sit down and have a conversation with anyone alive or dead who would you choose?
EB- I’d rather sit down and chat with my characters. Be able to really interact with them.
EBL- How often would you say your real life inspires your writing?
EB- Quite of bit of my real life is in the Flames of Vampire Passion Series. Zane’s mother-in-law, Louise, is based on my mother. His wife, London, is an author. But that’s about where it ends.
EBL- Would you ever want any of your works to become a television show or movie?
EB- If so who is on your dream cast?
EBL- How do you react or deal with negative reviews of your work?
EB- I know that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, so you just have to move on.
EBL- Do you have any upcoming signings you will be attending?
EB- No, not yet.
EBL- What are you currently working on?
EB- I am getting ready to publish Zane, The Inferno, Flames of Vampire Passion, Book Three! So excited!
EBL- How do you prepare to write? Do you have a ritual before you are ready to write?
EB- I don’t have any rituals. I just sit down and write. How does a book get written? One word at a time.
EBL- Do you believe in magic and or a paranormal world like in your books?
EB- I’m pretty open minded. I believe that there’s more unexplained in the world, than explained. Vampires being real wouldn’t surprise me one bit.
EBL- As an author do you prefer to read via Ebook or Paperback?
EB- EBook is easier, but I still buy my favorite books in paperbacks!
EBL- If you could have anyone and we mean anyone featured on a cover of your book who would it be?
EB- Enrico Ravennah. I would redo my Master For Tonight covers. He’s the closest person I’ve ever seen to my Julian. I wrote Master For Tonight long before I ever discovered Enrico. I could not believe my eyes when I saw him.
EBL- Who would you say most supports and inspires you?
EB- My husband is my number one supporter and fan. I never would have written anything if not for him.
EBL- As an author how do you feel about he pressure the can be put on you to release new books?
EB- There’s a lot of pressure, but I can’t give in to it. My responsibility to write to the best of ability, and put out a quality product. All my books are professionally edited, and formatted as well. All these things take time.
EBL- How did you become part of the indie community?
EB- First as a reader, and then as an author.
EBL- How do you deal with fear or jitters before a new release?
EB- Drive my husband crazy with my nervousness. lol…
We had so much fun with these questions! Thanks so much for answering them! If you have any other questions for the author let us know in the comments!

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