Meet Meet Monday- Linzi Basset Spotlight and Interview



Linzi Basset is an Amazon Bestselling Author of suspense and paranormal romance whose passion for writing began at an early age. She currently resides in South Africa.

Linzi Basset reached Amazon Bestselling Author status with her very first series, Club Alpha Cove, a BDSM Club suspense series. All 11 books in the series achieved top 10 status on the Amazon Bestsellers ranking lists, with books 8 – 11 in the top 5 ranks.


EBL- Do you remember what made you want to become an author? How old were you?

LB- I’ve always loved writing essays at school. In my final year, I wrote this essay in the first person studying for an exam who was bothered by a mosquito, which resulted in a war between the two. Funny little tidbits like how I would whack him, only to watch him do a few pushups and here he comes again! Lol, it ended up in a bundle of amazing essays at the time. That’s when I knew it’s what I wanted to do.

EBL- Who are some authors that you look up to or admirer?

LB- Johanna Lindsey, John Grisham, James Patterson.

EBL- Who would be your dream co-author?

LB- I already have one. I’m writing with him under the pseudonym Isabel James. He’s the most fantastic mentor any writer can wish for.

EBL- Out of all the characters you have created- Which is your absolute favorite?

LB- That would be impossible to say, but there is one that stands out and that is because he was the one where it all began. He’s also most of my fans favorite, it seems. Ruark Greer, the owner of Club Alpha Cove, which became a bestselling series.

EBL- What do you look for when designing or purchasing book covers?

LB- I design my own book covers. A cover must speak to me and to the story. I like to be able to associate what’s on the cover with what is in the story. All my books start off with the cover – it’s always a featuring scene in my books.

EBL- Do you listen to music or create a play list when writing or do you need complete silence to be with your muse?

LB- I go into a “zone” when I write. I can even sit and create with people chatting around me. Lately I’ve taken to smooth jazz in the background.

EBL- How often do you find time to read? How long would you say your TBR is?

LB- My TBR is pages long. Same with the unread books on my kindle. Sigh…I haven’t had time to read in over a year. It’s very sad, but it’s true. I work until after midnight every day and when I get into bed … sleep beckons!

EBL- What advice would you have for your younger self who just started writing?

LB- Start earlier!  I published my first two books in the early nineties in my home language, Afrikaans and after that nothing, until 2 years ago. Apart from that, read up on writing skills, do some courses. I’ve come a very long way since I started and since English is not my first language, all of it has not been easy. Never believe you’re above learning.

EBL- As an author, do you have any regrets?

LB- Only that I didn’t start earlier.

EBL- If you could sit down and have a conversation with anyone alive or dead who would you choose?

LB- The poet Pablo Neruda. An absolute phenomenal poet. He started writing poems at the age of 10. How amazing is that? I love the variety of styles he wrote in and of course his love poems … aah, drool!

EBL- How often would you say your real life inspires your writing?

LB- I write from the inside out. Emotions and sensations to me when I write are real. Most of my books are entrenched with conflict, insecurities and the emotions that makes humans click. As far as stories go? Not too much. Most of it comes from my imagination.

EBL- Would you ever want any of your works to become a television show or movie? If so who is on your dream cast?

LB- Oh, my, what a question. Who wouldn’t, right? And if you asked me the casting question ten years ago, it would have been easy to answer. There were some seriously hot actors at the time. At this stage . . . hmm, probably someone like Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence, Charilize Theron.

EBL- How do you react or deal with negative reviews of your work?

LB- In the beginning, it really bothered me but since then I’ve learned to look at it differently. Every person has an opinion of their own. The ones that add value to me as a writer or will improve the story – in other words, constructive criticism, those I will act on. The rest, flows off my back like water off a duck.

EBL- What are you currently working on?

LB- I am working on 3 projects. Just finished the 4th book in the Club Wicked Cove Series, Merciful: Seth’s Revenge. I am on chapter 10 of a contemporary romance in the Tycoon series, The Tycoon’s Mechanic and I just started on a new genre I will be entering. Not divulging too much on that as yet.

EBL- How do you prepare to write? Do you have a ritual before you are ready to write?

LB- No ritual. I just sit down and voila . . . off I go!

EBL- Do you believe in magic and or a paranormal world like in your books?

LB- I’ve written two which will be series as well, the first one a Dragon Shifter and the other Angels and Demons. I don’t particularly believe a paranormal world exist, but I do believe there is magic in the world. It’s all around us, and it’s how you as an individual tap into the wonder of the world that makes it magical. Those are the things I like to portray in those books.

EBL- As an author, do you prefer to read via ebook or paperback?

LB- I love to feel the book in my hands and have a library of over a thousand books, however there are many books only available in ebook format . . . so, alas . . .

EBL- If you could have anyone and we mean anyone featured on a cover of your book who would it be?

LB- Channing Tatum. He’s just gorgeous.

EBL- Who would you say most supports and inspires you?

LB-  The fans who keep telling me that Club Alpha Cove is the best series they’ve ever read and continue to read it over and over again.

EBL- As an author, how do you feel about the pressure the can be put on you to release new books?

LB- I am an Indie Author, so I set my own deadlines –  which I strive to keep – but every time I press that publish button, I am still anxious whether the readers are going to like the story. Coping with it is easy, I just sit down and loose myself in the imaginary worlds I create.

EBL- What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done?

LB- No, my fans behave very well. No crazies yet.

EBL- How did you become part of the indie community?

LB- When I started writing again, it was a decision I made to get published quickly. I’ve not regretted it and at this stage, I have no desire to change.

EBL- How do you deal with fear or jitters before a new release?

LB- As I said above, I write it out of me!

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Fear may linger but regrets remain.

Nolan Shaffer knows all too well. The billionaire co-owner of Club Wicked Cove seems to have it all—power, prestige, looks, friends . . . and women – anyone he wants, except for one. And the gap between fantasy and reality grows wider by the minute. Plagued by a guilt-ridden past, he struggles to let go and embrace his future in the form of Jewel Flint, a drop-dead gorgeous woman whose heart remains a hand’s-breadth out of his reach.

The chemistry between Nolan and Jewel took them on a trip of hot sensual ecstasy – inside and out of the club. Neither could get enough of the other as Jewel submitted to the powerful Dom who managed to drown her in a sea of pleasure, time and again.

Right now, the future portends untold malevolence. In a macabre twist of fate, Nolan and Jewel find themselves inextricably bound up together by the forces of evil. But before they can be freed, the ties to his past must be finally severed.
When confronted with the inevitable choices, will they be able to rise to the challenge or will their world implode around them, obliterating any hope of a life together.

With a psychopathic Mafioso out for revenge, Nolan must dig deep to protect, at any cost, all whom he loves and cherishes.

Fear and regret collide to form a potent alchemy that unleashes the power of the will.

Wondering what happened to Colt Fargo? Does he manage to master the darkness inside of him? Will the Occhipinti Crime Family ever let him go?

This is the third book in the Club Wicked Cove Series that will take you on a rollercoaster ride from the picturesque Isle of Capri to the demimonde of a BDSM club. Get strapped in for a wild ride. This series should ideally be read in order.

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