Brewing Love: A Witchy Mystery by Sara Bourgeois Review


Title- Brewing Love

Author Sara Bourgeois

Genre- Cozy Mystery

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Witch way to Tree’s Hollow?

When Lenora “Lenny” Brewer finds herself fed up with her life in the city, she flees to her Aunt’s bed and breakfast in the small town of Tree’s Hollow. When a local handyman turns up dead, Lenny gets herself mixed up in a murder mystery.

Add in a hunky forest ranger, her dream job as an investigative journalist for the local paper, and a cat with so much sass it’s practically criminal, and you’ve got a recipe for a magically good time. Oh and one more thing, Lenny didn’t even know she was a witch until she arrived at her new home in Tree’s Hollow.

Will she learn to harness the craft brewing inside of her, or will trouble boil over and destroy everything she comes to love?

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Reviewed by Crystal H.

Lenora Brewster is just going through the motions in life till she can afford to buy the apartment of her dreams and the she can find a job she actually loves. Actually reporting the news- real news the type of news that does not involve hollywood stars and scandal. She thought she had her life planned out and headed in the right direction. Including a possible engagement in the horizons.

When she meets her boyfriend Devon for dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in the city a girl can only assume it is “the night”. You know the one that involves a big questin and a girls best friend a diamond ring. Well Lenny was wrong – very wrong. Turns out Devon has emptied her bank account of her life savings and has decided running away is the best way to fix things.

The night only gets better when Lenny runs into hollywood starlet Starla Lex and her playboy Boyfriend Boyd Cotts causing a huge scene out side of the police station- now normally thing would be any tabloid writers dream come true however Lenny loves and respects the hollywood star and chooses not to tell her boss what she has seen and hopes she doesn’t find out….

The next morning arrives and the scene is the talk of the town and her office as Lenny was spotted in a video that has leaked on line-Now jobless and boyfriendless Lenny is done with her big city life and figures its time to visit Tree’s Hollow and her favorite Aunt Kara. That’s when she finds out life is not done throwing curveballs her way!

Now that Lenny is back in Tree’s Hollow her Aunt has her all set with a job at the local paper and a room in her bed and breakfast you would think that she can finally relax and enjoy life- that is until one she finds out she is a witch and two a dead body is found at the bed and breakfast!

Magic, Murder and Mystery oh my!

The Sweet-

I found this read though short filled with hijinks, magic and plenty of twist and turns! My favorite character would be Jezebel- Lenny’s cat, who by the way decides to start talking just as soon as Lenny lands in Tree’s Hollow! She is the purrfect ingredient to the story and adds quite a bit of humor and sass and if you ask me a cozy is nothing with out some humor and of course sass!

The author spins a wonderful storyline that keeps the reader guessing on on their toes.

The Sour-

Though I found Lenny a great lead character who is very likable and seems like she is one tough cookie sticking her for herself plenty in only the first chapter- I thought it was a bit unbelievable how quickly and with out any doubts she accepts her new found witchyness and magical talking cat with out a blink of an eye. I mean come on your cat just asked you for cream for the very first time for god sake! I think that there was some magic lost in the story for me simply because of that- I found it so unbelievable.

This read is the perfect rainy day read that will be sure to brighten up your day and I strongly recommend it for any cozy mystery lovers and give it 4 out of 5 cupcakes!


Sara Bourgeois is a Midwesterner through and through. She spends her time writing, reading, and herding cats.

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