Meet Me Monday- Julia Clare and Virginia Johnson Interview and Spotlight


Before we get into our interview with these two spunky and hilarious ladies here is a bit about them-


Virginia is a mom to two beautiful children and resides in Minnesota. Any spare time is spent watching TV, reading, facebooking and spending time with friends. She’s married to Thai Preyer PA and Mia Sparks, yet owned by Kyle Perkins. *these three run my life*
A love for reading and writing is a new concept for Virginia. Before the Twilight rave and a need to know the ending after Eclipse was released in theaters, Virginia preferred to watch the movie or convince a friend to read the book for her. Needing to know the story of a random homeless man that she encountered on a freeway exit ramp, was the only reason she began writing in the first place. Soulless Nights spawned from the unknown story and a dare from her friends.
She has had the pleasure of working with some of her favorite authors. Street teams, beta reading and cover modeling were what led her to the world of writing.
She currently PA’s for Kyle Perkins and has begun co-writing Humanity’s Ark: Kepler with him.


Julia Clare has been a PA to some of the most amazing and beloved authors. She has also been in the book blogging game for some time now, and she is also the owner of Digital Dirty Girl Book Blog. She has also helped various blogs on many different levels.Now has jumped into the position of author! In her personal life, Julia is a mom to two crazy boys. She lives with her children, her long time love, her super cute husky, Caine, and her pet boa, Dagger. In any spare time she has, Julia dives right into the next great read, watches scary movies, and she loves to rock out! Julia’s love of the literary world goes above and beyond, and you best believe that you can always count on her to get the word out!


EBL- Do you remember what made you want to become an author? How old were you?

Julia~ I have always enjoyed writing it wasn’t until some fellow indie authors pushed me to published that I believed in my work enough to do it.

Virginia~ I remember exactly the day I wanted to be an author. I read a book. The plot had potential, but the execution was awful. I realized then that I could either do it, or shut up about it. So, I wrote a story. I was 36. 

EBL- Who are some authors that you look up to or admirer?

Julia~ There are so many it’s hard to choose. Generally speaking, I look up to the authors that work hard to sell their work. The ones that put their heart into their writing, not to publish 10 books a year but to produce quality reads.

Virginia~Early on, I admired many published authors. SC Stephens, Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover and Abbi Glines were of my favorite. After spending time in the indie world, I have grown as an author and a person leaving me to admire a new crowd of writers including Kyle Perkins, Ariel Marie, Yolanda Olson and Julia Clare.

EBL- Who would be your dream co author?

Julia~ I have her! Virginia Johnson 

Virginia ~I have releases 2 books that have been co-authored with Julia Clare. I am currently working on a co-authored book with Kyle Perkins. If I had to dream big, I would love to co-write with SC Stephens. She is a fantastic writer and has the ability to make you fall in love with her characters from page 1.

EBL- Out of all the characters you have created- Which is you absolute favorite?

Julia~ Hands down Sera. She is absolutely twisted but rose from nothing. She would do anything for those close to her.

Virginia~ Aspen from Vindicate. She kills for love and the protection of others. She is a serial killer, but everyone loves her for it!

EBL- As you know Crystal likes to create recipes based on books- If there was one recipe you would say would go hand in hand with your book what would it be?

Julia~ A Fuck Me Hard
1/4 oz Vodka   
1/4 oz Peach Liqueur  
 1/4 oz Triple Sec   
1/4 oz Almond Liqueur   
.5 oz Raspberry Liqueur   
1 Splash(s) Cranberry Juice   
1 Splash(s) Orange Juice

Virginia ~ Blood Ball

1 – Blood Orange

Inject it with vodka, peach schnapps and grenada. Voila! Peel back and Enjoy!

EBL- These sound so freaking good!

EBL- What do you look for when designing or purchasing book covers?

Julia~ When designing I look for characters that match my story, and a scene that helps tell the story.

Virginia ~I ask myself one question, “Does this cover capture my character?” It isn’t always about the story-line or the content, as it is about capturing the characters’ feelings and actions. That is what the readers are going to fall in love with and want to be reminded when they see the cover. 

EBL- Do you listen to music or create a play list when writing or do you need complete silence to be with your muse?

Julia~ I have a Playlist that changes with what character I’m writing.

Virginia ~ When I am kicking my own ass to come up with something fun to write, it is necessary. When I am writing sci-fi, I need something with no vocals – Horror? I use metal or Kesha. HEA? Christina Perri, Ed Sheeran or Sam Cook

EBL- How often do you find time to read? How long would you say your TBR is?

Julia~ Besides being an author, I also PA, I’m a blogger and I do graphic design so lately I haven’t had much time to read. My TBA is getting out of control.

Virginia ~I don’t have near enough time to read. I stopped adding to my TBR because the list was depressing.

EBL- What advice would you have for your younger self who just started writing?

Julia~ Best sellers or even sales don’t come from luck, it comes from hard work. Just because a reader or blogger doesn’t care for a story or won’t post for you, you can’t get your heart broken and give up.

Virginia ~Stop doubting yourself! Someone will help you once you are finished. I PROMISE!

EBL- As an author do you have any regrets?

Julia~ None. If anything had been different I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Virginia ~ I wouldn’t call them regrets. I wouldn’t take back anything I have done, but I may have done a few things differently with different people. 

EBL- If you could sit down and have a conversation with anyone alive or dead who would you choose?

Julia~ Nikola Tesla, he has always intrigued me with his inventions

Virginia ~Speaking of recipes – My mom. She was an avid reader and I am positive that she would’ve loved my books. Also – I need some of the recipes that she took with her.

EBL- How often would you say your real life inspires your writing? 

Julia~ Some character traits may make it into my characters but I don’t find myself in many of the same situations.

Virginia ~I pull real life actions in to my books all of the time. Some of my characters are loosely linked to something a friend said, did, or I named a character them. All of my characters are a form of me.

EBL- Would you ever want any of your works to become a television show or movie? If so who is on your dream cast?

Julia~ I would love to see Seraphine’s as a movie. I haven’t thought who would play who but it would have to be an extremely sexy cast.

Virginia ~Soulless Nights would make a great TV series. Vindicate and Seraphine’s would be scary thriller movies. Bound by an Echo would make Lifetime. LOL Dream cast? Who cares? If it makes TV or movie, I don’t care if Danny Devito played the main character. In a good world – Ian Somerhalder or Robert Downey Jr would be awesome.

EBL- How do you react or deal with negative reviews of your work?

Julia~ I read them and if it’s something that could be fixed to better the story, then I change it. Some people are just negative and those you ignore. 

Virginia ~ I laugh, I learn and I get over it. If there was thought put in to the review, I can respect it and make adjustments as an author for future books. If you want to leave a review as a simple “DNF”? Don’t get me started on that one!

EBL- Do you have any upcoming signings you will be attending?

Julia~ I will be at the Tampa Indie Convention July 15 and 16.

Virginia ~I will be in Tampa Florida on July 15th-16th. Tampa Indie Author Book Convention!

EBL- What are you currently working on?

Julia~ I have a dark and dirty solo project and Co written, N9 a paranormal.

Virginia ~Oh Boy – 

Co-writing with Julia Clare – N9

Co-writing with Kyle Perkins – Humanity’s Ark: Kepler

Paranormal – Always;Never

Expiate – Sequel to Vindicate

EBL- How do you prepare to write? Do you have a ritual before you are ready to write?

Julia~ Call Ginni? Lol just when an idea strikes we talk and plot.

Virginia ~I turn on the computer and type. Nothing special. I like to talk about my story prior to writing – build the excitement.

EBL- Do you believe in magic and or a paranormal world like in your books?
Julia~ I believe in the paranormal

Virginia ~Yes, I believe in paranormal experiences. Ask me in a month if I believe that the messed-up worlds that I am creating and helping to create exist… Could be some messed up reality to deal with.

EBL- As an author, do you prefer to read via ebook or paperback?

Julia~ Ebook only because I don’t want to mess my paperbacks up
Virginia ~I prefer paperback at home, but I am often on the go, so digital is my go-to.

EBL- If you could have anyone and we mean anyone featured on a cover of your book who would it be?

Julia~ At the moment Graham Nation

Virginia ~I am not a true believer in using models on the covers of my books. Julia and I went back and forth about using Spencer on Bound by an Echo. She won. So, if I am forced to choose a model, I would use him again because he isn’t a diva!

EBL-Who would you say most supports and inspires you?

Julia~My close family and friends. I strive to show my boys what they can accomplish with hard work. 

Virginia ~My PA, Janneke, is my biggest supporter for my writing. Julia keeps me going every day and Kyle inspires me to be the person that I am and not the person that I am expected to be. They are the reason I write.

EBL- As an author how do you feel about the pressure the can be put on you to release new books?
Julia~ I’m not a good person to come to for sympathy. It’s only as much pressure as you put on yourself.

Virginia ~No pressure. I write a book, cover is made (my designer rocks) I send it to my editor, she sends it back, I upload it. End of pressure. I don’t allow myself to get stressed out about sales and money, I don’t do it for that reason. I write a book for my friends and fans. That is it. If someone wants to read it, YAY. If they don’t buy it, I am not too worried about it.

EBL- What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done?

Julia~ Tell me he wanted to recreate the murder sex scene in my book.

Virginia ~ Asked me to co-write with her. Julia was crazy as hell!

EBL- How did you become part of the indie community?

Julia~Started as a reader, went to events, fell into blogging, stalked an author until she let me be her PA lol.
Virginia ~Pepper Winters invited me in to a takeover a few years ago. That is when I realized what they were and I never left. The authors I met at that event, I followed as a reader and a beta, until finally writing a book and becoming a PA.

EBL- How do you deal with fear or jitters before a new release?
Julia~ If I have any, a shot of Patron

Virginia ~ Drinking. But that is usually after the release event that I hosted. LOL

Thank you Ladies for stopping by, you guys are amazeballs!

Check out their newest book together!



Seraphine knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to claim it as hers. Her inability to love has kept her safe from the heartbreak of her past. After inheriting the motel, she built the most successful brothel in the middle of nowhere. Seraphine’s thrives on the dirty secrets and deadly desires that inhabit the darkest part of humanity. Her motel is the perfect place for sinners to sin and saints to repent. She had everything, until one of her possessions was at risk of being lost.
Ivy ran from her past while doubting her future. When she arrived at Seraphine’s, she had nothing she wanted to remember and everything she wanted to forget. She knew what situations to avoid and when her limits were exceeded. Seraphine kept her protected; safe.
Can Seraphine break the walls down surrounding Ivy? Will Ivy succumb to her expected fate?
What neither of them anticipated was a reservation, one that could destroy them all.


You can keep up with these two lovely ladies on social media-

Julia’s links
Street Team

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