Grim Tidings by Amanda M. Lee Review


Title- Grim Tidings

Author- Amanda Lee

Genre- Paranormal Cozy

Purchase Link-  Amazon


Grim(ace) while you work …

Aisling Grimlock is having a bad week. Well, actually, she’s having a bad life — not that she’s complaining. Okay, she’s totally complaining.
After being laid off from her secretarial position, she has no choice but to join the family business, and now she’s a full-time grim reaper. That’s right. She collects and transfers souls to the hereafter.
Cool, huh? Not quite.
On the second day of her new job, Aisling (literally!) stumbles over a dead body that’s not on her list and the stakes are suddenly raised because, when a name isn’t on the list, that means someone stole it (and that’s never a good thing).
Aisling’s family, which consists of a tempestuous father and four overbearing older brothers, are hot on the case – but the answers they’re coming up with aren’t exactly soothing.
It seems a contingent of wraiths have descended on the area, and they’re not just dangerous for unsuspecting souls and the general populace. The Grimlock family is at risk, too.
If that weren’t bad enough, Aisling finds herself inexplicably drawn to Detective Griffin Taylor – the police officer who considers her a murder suspect. Oh, and she’s a wraith-magnet — although, truth be told, she’s more interested in Detective Taylor.
Aisling is determined to prove that she has what it takes to be a great reaper – even if it means risking her life and proving her father and brothers wrong when it comes to her competence level.
When things finally become clear, will Aisling survive long enough to make things right? Or, will she fall prey to the wraiths and the individual controlling them?

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Aisling Grimlock is not only the only girl in her family but she is also the black sheep or at least in her eyes she is. When Aisling was younger she did everything possible to get out of being a part of the family business, She wanted freedom and thought she finally had it until she was laid off of her job and her best friend /slash roommate put an ultimatum forward that she needed to start paying her half of the rent.

See the Grimlock Family aren’t your typical family and the family business is anything but normal in fact its paranormal! Aisling is a reaper as is the rest of her family with her Dad at the helm in charge- working for the family can get a bit … messy but she has no choice.

Aisling must concede to her Father’s wishes and join the family in the reaping business. She was born into this- How hard can it be right?

The Sweet-

Okay first off I have to start by saying I was a bit hesitant to purchase this book when reading the blurb- Not that it didn’t sound amazing or interesting but I kinda already have a favorite reaper (Charley Davidson) and I was worried it would either cloud my judgement or ruin the book for me. Boy was I wrong!  The only thing my two favorite reapers (yes Aisling makes it two now) have in common is they are both smart and snarky girls who just happen to be in the reaping business.

Aisling is surrounded by the men in her life. She has her Father and her 4 brothers- one of them being a twin as well her her might as well be a brother best friend Jerry. The dynamics and the pure entertainment that this set up brings to the story knows no bounds! Typically when there are so many characters so quickly in a book it is a huge turn off for me but the author has such finesse and character building abilities in this book that I found my self adoring each and every character we meet!

Let me tell you- each scene the whole family including Jerry are in the same room might all be my favorite parts of this book! The scenes are full of love and humor ranging from the innocent kind to my favorite kind of humor raunchy that I found my self smiling from ear to ear several times during this book!

The plot line is steady and clearly well thought out and in my opinion ebbs and flows perfectly add action romance and a crazy bar fight at a drag bar and I am sold! Not only did this book keep me highly entertained but it had a fantastic and unpredictable plot twist at the end that had me not only purchase the next book but all the books in the series! I strongly recommend this hilarious book to anyone looking for something different and original!

Rating 5 out of 5 cupcakes!


When I was a kid, I was torn between whether or not I was going to grow up and be the Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman. I flirted with being a Jedi Knight for awhile, but I wasn’t up for the intense travel associated with the gig. In my teens, I settled on being a writer — although I had no idea the effort that would entail.
Not only am I a writer now, but I’m a writer in several different mediums. I’m a longtime newspaper reporter, an avid reader and a voracious science fiction fanatic. Like me on Facebook at . Follow me on Twitter at @yodaoneforme. Sign up for my mailing list (no spam allowed — only for viable updates) at

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