Bitch Witch by S.R. Karfelt Review

Bitch Witch by [Karfelt, S.R.]

Title- Bitch Witch

Author S.R. Karfelt

Genre- Paranormal Romance

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Can good triumph over evil…when evil runs in your veins?

An ill-fated late night Target run knocks Sarah Archer off the good-witch wagon when she confronts road rage in the parking lot.

A blue moon, PMS, and seven months of pent up energy makes her spell stronger than she intended. The aftershock of it binds her into a love spell with a handsome stranger, and life for an evil witch trying to give up her dark ways gets suddenly gets even more complicated.

Will Sarah be able to control herself before dark energy claims her, or will she die young like all the Archer witches before her?

Sarah Elizabeth Archer is single and lives alone in the house her Mother and Aunt died in. They died because the darkness their magic harnessed devoured their souls. Sarah refuses to suffer the same fate. She refuses to let her magic overcome her.

In order to stay away from the intense call of dark magic Sarah works a boring job and surrounds herself with mediocrity. Everyday is a struggle- especially when she gets angry. You do not want to get this witch angry.

On an outing to her local Target to stock up on PMS esscentuals she has a confrontation with a woman driver and her anger gets the best of her. Her magic sends a spell towards the womans truck- unfortunately for Sarah all magic comes with a price and the backlash hits her hard.

Sarah is not the only victim of the backlash of her magic- her magic also wraps itself around Paul Revere Longfellow. Not only ruining the very expensive car he is driving but bonding both he and Sarah together.

Can Sarah fight the call of dark magic and figure out a way to get both she and Paul out of this mess?

The Sweet-

Sass- Lots of it! I adore a strong sassy witchy woman character and Sarah does not disappoint. She is all I ever want in a main character. Sarah to me is perfectly imperfect – I mean who isn’t? Sure dark matter runs through her veins and everyday is a struggle not to give into her dark side but matters is she is trying not to succumb to the incredible pull of darkness she feels.  This all makes Sarah so realistic to me- We all have our demons and the fact that she is a perfect mess but still chugging on only endears her more to me.

Paul Revere Longfellow, Sigh what can I saw about Paul Revere Longfellow except YUM! A war hero who is struggling with his own demons, who has become his families Black sheep. He has such kind soul and is fighting with hisown darkness himself.He – to me at least is the picture perfect bookfriend who not only is kind, hot and doesn’t take any og Sarah’s bull but ladies HE CAN COOK! What is not to love about Paul Revere Longfellow? (Yes I have to say his whole name every time)

The plot is filled with sass, cleverness and magical antics and I gobbled this book up. The writing in this book is filled with humor and wit and is perfectly paced. I also loved loved loved the ending so damn much, I actually teared up a bit!

The Sour-

I disliked some of the character’s but to be honest the way they were written – I think we were supposed to dislike them lol.

Rating- 5 EPIC Cupcakes out of 5! If you are having a bad day and need a great read to improve your mood or are experiencing a reading slump I strongly recommend picking up Bitch Witch!

S.R. Karfelt

S.R. Karfelt is author of Bitch Witch and The Covenant Keeper Novels (including KAHTAR Warrior of the Ages, HEARTLESS A Shieldmaiden’s Voice, and FOREVER The Constantine’s Secret).

S.R.’s writing is also included in numerous anthologies including A WINTER’S ROMANCE, IN CREEPS THE NIGHT, THROUGH THE PORTAL, and CALL OF THE WARRIOR (which includes previously unpublished excerpts from HEARTLESS).

From entomology to teaching to business, S.R. has dabbled in many fields. Swallowed by the engineering world, she co-founded a high-tech company with her husband before returning to the other love of her life, writing. S.R. writes wherever the wind blows her, but currently calls the soaring capital of the world home. To learn more about S.R. visit her website at or her blog at

Both KAHTAR and HEARTLESS won a FINALIST ranking in 2015 USA Best Book Awards in the cross-genre fiction category!


3 thoughts on “Bitch Witch by S.R. Karfelt Review

  1. As I rule I never comment on reviews, but you have cupcakes, so…my rules have no power here.

    Thank you so much for the review, and I’m glad you enjoyed Bitch Witch. It was a delight to write. ❤


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