Books into Movies and how I feel about them!

Okay so this is a subject that many a booknerd has strong opinions about including me.There was a time when I would be over the moon to hear that a beloved book was being turned into a movie but now I am not quite sure i am still a fan.

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Sometimes when reading a book we see the world and the characters in our minds eye and they become so realistic and we almost become protective of any one wanting to change or mess with the world and characters we have come to know so well and love so hard!

We all collectively hold our breathes as casting decisions are announced and some hearts are broken whilst other are pleasantly pleased as their dream cast comes to life. We readers become so invested in the movies and the changes that may or may not happen because the books we read are often there in times of need. We escape into the worlds that our books hold and we sometimes fear a movie will simply not do our beloved books justice!

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Once casting is down and filming starts we all sit and wonder- What will they keep? What will the change? Will they use my favorite parts? Will they ruin my beloved book?

Then comes opening day and we all line up for hours and sweat with anticipation and excitement. Gather our favorite snacks and book lovers alike and patiently wait for the movie to begin, all the while butterflies are dancing a jig in our stomachs and we can barely contain ourselves! Then when all is said and done- the silent war begins- the bookish folks who loved the movie against the bookish folks who hated every moment- These wars pin family and friends against each other cause social media to burn with witty comebacks and retweets. Oh the insanity!

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So, what say you? How do you feel about books being made into movies?


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