A Match Made in Spell by Regina Welling Review

A Match Made in Spell: Lexi Balefire, Matchmaking Witch (Fate Weaver Book 1) by [Welling, ReGina, Lynn, Erin]

Title- A Match made in Spell

Author- ReGina Welling

Genre- Paranormal Cozy

Purchase Link- Amazon

Lexi Balefire, matchmaking witch extraordinaire, can find just about anyone’s perfect match—except her own.

Lexi hopes her dedication to bringing soul mates together is enough to counteract the wickedness that runs in her family, but without access to her full powers, she might never get the chance to find out. Musician Kin Clark wants to prove he’s the one to break her cycle of bad luck, but a gaggle of female groupies vying for his attention has Lexi worried he’ll break her heart instead.

When a formerly happy client gets dumped unexpectedly, Lexi will need to uncover the secrets of her past in order to put the pieces back together again—all while dealing with four fighting faerie godmothers, an obnoxious arch-nemesis, and a man who might just change her fate.

With the Beltane celebration—and a magical deadline—looming, will Lexi get exactly what she’s always wanted—or more than she ever bargained for?

Reviewed by Crystal H.

Lexi Balefire -match maker extraordinaire loves helping people find love and happiness- it’s her bread and butter and she is damn good at it. She has a sixth sense when it comes to finding someone’s soulmate. Her job is promising happily ever afters – only thing is she isn’t too sure about her iwn happy ending….

Lexi come’s from a long line of witches sworn to protect the Balefire Flame- however other than the gut feeling she gets about people’s love lives she has no magic like at all… With the help of her crazy talking cat and her even crazier fairy (yep those kind of fairies) godmothers can she find her magic before it’s too late?

The Sweet-

I enjoyed the author’s take on the many relationships Lexi has and also begins to build during this story- They are all well rounded and very realistic. The way she interacts with the characters is weaved smoothly into this witchy tale!

I also really enjoyed how much wit and comedy can be found within the page’s of A Match made in Spell. The humor flows with out a hitch into this story and is so natural and isn’t at all forced on the reader but instead gifted. I found myself chuckling out loud in many an awkward place- i.e. my job ha!

Another plus for me was the plot- it was well thought out and never rushed or over thought making it very enjoyable and at the same time not at all predictable- I mean I was able to figure out some plot twist really quickly while other’s surprised the crap out of me- that’s just they way I like my Cozy’s!

Rating- 5 out of 5 cupcakes! I suggest this for any one looking for a light hearted witchy cozy to brighten their mood! This is the first in the series and i can not wait to see the rest of the trouble Lexi will get herself into!

ReGina Welling prefers not to talk about herself in the third person so…

I live in Maine with my husband and a feisty Jack Russell terrier named Schnickelfritz. I write full time and also create mixed media artwork when I get the chance.

When I was three, my mom brought home a new book and when she went to read it to me, I read it to her instead. That was when she realized I’d learned to read. Since then I couldn’t even estimate the number of books I’ve read. It’s a lot!

I love talking to other readers so please visit me in any one of these various places and don’t forget to let me know you stopped by!

Website: http://www.reginawelling.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ReGinaWellingAuthor
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ReGinaWelling



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