Pretty Little Rose by Lucy Wild Review

Pretty Little Rose by [Wild, Lucy]

Title- Pretty Little Rose

Author-  Lucy Wild

Genre- Historical Romance

Purchase Links- Amazon

She needs a simple lesson in etiquette and decorum. 

Her new tutor is going to teach her something much harder.

Rose Winter might look like a Lord’s daughter but she acts like a spoilt child. When a tutor is hired to show her how to behave like a proper lady, she decides to instead teach him a thing or two about bad behaviour.

Titus Burlingham is renowned for turning brats into mature, respectable ladies. When he meets Rose for the first time, he’s appalled by her refusal to grow up. But as their lessons together become more intense, he realises he wants her to stay little just for him.

Rose soon learns to love submitting to her dominant tutor but when her parents announce they have found her a husband, she must make a decision. Will she grow up and become the delicate flower her parents desire, or will she accept a life of discipline and submission, blooming into her tutor’s pretty little Rose forever?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains domestic discipline, elements of age-play and power exchange, and explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Reviewed by Kitty G.

Disclaimer- I was given ARC of this story for honest review.

Pretty little Rose is historical erotica like you have never read before so buckle up and get ready for a steamy ride!

Rose Winter is the young daughter of a Lord. She should be married soon to a suitor, however her parents have huge problem on their hands with it comes to Rose. Though she is a daughter from a respectable family she acts like a spoiled brat.

Her parents have asked for the help of the renowned Titus Burlingham, a tutor who is known from turning unruly brats to sophisticated socialites  and ladies. After their first official meeting, Rose is ready to make a run for it but quickly realizes that getting away from will not be as easy as she first thought it would be!

As the story follows Rose is introduced a new kind of style of life where she is ‘’turned’’ into a toddler, she has to wear diapers and is to be bottle fed, which to her surprise she finds herself enjoying. There is so much more than just age play and other sexual themes in this story, you can find how their feelings start to grow for each other, but not everything always goes as well as in love stories, there are sometimes dark storms that each of the characters have to survive if they can.

The story itself is well written and the plot makes you want to read more and more.

This story isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, because the sexual themes featured, but I myself found it to be interesting. So I recommend it to those that aren’t scared off easily about different kinds of sexual stories.

Rating- I give this story 4 out of 5 Cupcakes.




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