Spy Games by Suz DeMello Review

Title- Spy Game

Author- Suz de Mello

Genre- Romance Suspence

Purchase Links- Amazon

Fledgling agent Ani Sharif has finally been assigned to her first undercover mission—to seduce software tycoon Richard Rexford, known as the fearsome T-Rex of Silicon Valley. He’s suspected of selling software secrets to the Chinese. Ani must succeed at her first assignment, but will handsome, clever Richard uncover her secrets and seize her heart?

Reviewed by Kitty G.

As soon as I got this book in to my hands, I was super intrigued. The captivated me right off the back, and after reading the book I think it is a perfect fit!

In the beginning we meet Ani Sarif a young woman, who has been working years for government agency as a top tier hacker who is only seen as a hacker, so when she finally get a chance to do her first undercover  job she jumps on it. Her mission is to seduce Richard Redford, the head of one of the biggest software companies in the world. Her seduction is the key to finding out if he had been selling secret information.

As the story unfolds we follow along as Ani has to figure out how to succeed at her mission. She has to think quickly on her feet more than once or twice.

In my opinion the plot was built out perfectly, it was easy to follow with  and it wasn’t confusing in the least bit keeping the reader captive until the very end, The characters were interesting and you could see yourself the heroine’s shoes, their backgrounds made each of them even more complex and left me want to know even more about the side characters too. Sex scenes between two of the main characters were tastefully written and could make anyone reading hot under the collar!

Rating- This story will get five out of five cupcakes from me.



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