The Witches of Enchanted Bay by Amelia Morgan Review

The Witches Of Enchanted Bay (Witches Of Enchanted Bay Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Morgan, Amelia]

Title- The Witches of Enchanted Bay

Author- Amelia Morgan

Genre- Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Purchase Link- Amazon

“A bewitching mix of wit, pastries, a charming setting, and a feisty, donut-loving sleuth”

“This cozy mystery put a spell on me”

Welcome to Enchanted Bay, a picture-perfect small town on the coast of Northern California.
Meg Walton comes from a long line of witches. It’s a secret her family has been keeping for generations. The Waltons have been living a quiet existence, running the local donut shop in town. All that changes when a murder occurs.
Enter Connor Smith, Meg’s former crush, who left for San Francisco ten years before, and who has now returned to town as the new detective with the Enchanted Bay police department. If Meg’s feelings were mixed enough over having Connor back in town, the detective wrongfully suspects one of Meg’s good friends for murder.
To prove her friend’s innocence, Meg has to find the real killer herself–with the help of a few good spells.

Reviewed by Crystal H.

Meg Walton lives a pretty normal life- for a witch that is! She runs Enchanted Donuts in the small town of Enchanted Bay. Her business is successful and  her life seems to be where she wants it to be.

That is until her best friend Lisa is accused of murdering her sleazy personal trainer boyfriend Jack.

The Sweet-

Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for a good donut! The fact that Meg owns her own donut shop where she bakes enchanted calorie free donuts I mean come on!!!

The author set the story and whodunnit up really well and I really enjoyed figuring out things along side with Meg- who by the way was filled with sass and snark and I loved every minute of it! What I enjoyed most was the loyalty that Meg had for her best friend- risking everything for her and to prove her innocence.

I also really enjoyed the character of Meg’s Grandmother Penelope who is sassy and a bit of a smart ass not to mention… a cat! I really loved that part of the story as it was original and so fun!

Overall I found the story to be cute, sweet and enjoyable and suggest it to any one who loves a good cozy!

Rating- 4.5 cupcakes out of 5 cupcakes

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