Malicious Mocha Murder by JR Pearson Review and Drink Recipe

Malicious Mocha Murder (A Sophia Rivera Paranormal Mystery Book 1) by [Pearson, J R]

Title- Malicious Mocha Murder

Author- JR Pearson

Genre- Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Purchase link- Amazon

Sophia Rivera is used to playing it safe and living simple in the chaotic city of West Emily. Working as a barista by day, and playing online fantasy games by night, Sophia’s life is pretty normal.

That is if you discount her ability to see ghosts.

Lucky for me, the only apparitions that hang around these days are of my casino-hopping, grandmother and Rufus, the one-eyed ferret.

Yeah, never a dull moment at my place.

Unexpectedly, things take a wild turn when the spirit of a woman shows up–mind you, in the creepiest way possible– claiming to have been murdered and needs me to guide her to Tranquility. Essentially, where ghosts go to regain peace.

Sounds simple?

Well, it’s not!

Throw in a fifty year old historic catastrophe that somehow connects with spirit lady, Dark Entities, sexy twins who light parts of me on fire, and a raging war between Rufus and my cat, Mr. Murphy—-obviously, it’s going to be one hell of a week.

Take it from me, stuffing your face with chocolate danishes and fudge brownies, do NOT make life threatening problems go away.

No matter how good they taste…

Sophia Rivera isn’t what some would call a social butterfly or a risk taker. By day she serves up yummy coffee drinks and pastries at her job as a Barista during the day and at night her wild side comes out… playing her favorite fantasy computer game. Her life isn’t anything exciting, well except for the fact that she can see and communicate with ghost that is.

Sophia chooses to ignore the dead, all except her deceased grand mother and her childhood pet ferret Rufus. After all she never asked for this “gift” nor does she know what good it would do to converse with dead people. That is until one particular ghost doesn’t give her the choice. She needs Sophia’s help and won’t take no for an answer. It’s time for Sophia to put on her big girl panties and face her gift. With some help from her casino hopping grand ma and her best friend maybe she can help solve this ghost’s murder and keep her wits about her in the process.

The Sweet-

Sophia is a self proclaimed gamer nerd girl and would rather be home with her cat playing than adulting- if you were to trade gaming with books than me and Sophia could be twins! I was utterly enchanted with Sophia and could easily see becoming besties with her if she were real.

Though this is more of a paranormal mystery than a cozy it still all the charming characteristics of a cozy just with a little more umph to it and I couldn’t be happier! I found the plot both hilarious and spooky all at the same time and I loved that about this book.

The author’s writing skills shined so brightly in the book! I found the story so entertaining and well written it felt as though in my minds eye I was in the story- a noisy bystander drinking in the antics of Sophia and her rag tag “Scooby Gang”. Throw in a possible love triangle and some almost naughty moments here and there and in my opinion this book is a winner!

One of my favorite if not my favorite aspects of this book is all the yummy desserts and coffee concoctions that were so well described my mouth watered many times whilst reading and my mind was going a mile a minute trying to create a yummy recipe to include with this review!

The Sour-

As with any book I hate when the main female character puts herself down- there wasn’t much of this in the book but there were moments of self doubt and Sophia thinking that she didn’t deserve attention from a hot guy. It didn’t ruin the book or Sophia’s story for me but it did bum me out a little bit.

Rating- 4.5 Cupcakes from me!

Since I now live in the sweltering heat of Florida- I thought I would put together a fun spiked icey coffee drink together to battle the heat- Also no one will know you are drinking vodka laced coffee at 10 a.m. on a Monday morning! You can thank me later! I should also point out that this book comes with it’s own fun recipes as well!

What you will need to make this yummy Mocha Drink! (You will also need a blender)

  • Frangelico Liquor (or any hazelnut liquor)
  • Cream De Cacao Liquor
  • Godiva Liquor
  • 1 cup espresso or strong black coffee
  • 1 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 Cup Ice
  • Whipped Cream and chocolate shavings to top
  • Optional- if you really enjoy a chocolate kick to your mocha you can add some chocolate syrup to the blender)


Okay so before we get into directions let us go over what a count is to make it easier to follow said directions. A count is a second of a pour of liquor so you would count to three for a three count while pouring.

  • Set up your blender.
  • Next pour a 4 count of each liquor into blender.
  • Next Add your Vanilla Ice Cream (Sub Chocolate for an extra Mocha Boost)
  • Add espresso (Making sure that it is completely cooled)
  • Lastly add Ice and Blend till your prefer consistency!
  • Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings and enjoy!



J R Pearson lives with her crazy but loving family in southern Maryland. She enjoys weekend excursions, Saturday night movies, and warm home-cooked meals. For years, J R Pearson has loved reading–especially cozy mysteries,and was inspired to write her own. Introducing funny characters, yummy foods, cozy small town life, and a feisty female protagonist.



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