Twice Baked Murder by Daphne DeWitt Review

Twice Baked Murder: A Cozy Mystery (The Rita Reincarnated Cozies Book 1) by [DeWitt, Daphne]

Title- Twice Baked Murder

Author- Daphne Dewitt

Genre- Cozy Mystery

Purchase Link- Amazon

Rita never thought much about how she was going to die.
…turns out that might have been a problem.

Two months prior to her wedding, pie maker extraordinaire and sheriff’s daughter Rita Clarke is rudely pushed down a flight of stairs by an unseen man with a burly voice and meaty hands. And that was the last thing that ever happened to her.

Until now.

Two years after her untimely demise, Rita returns to her small town of Second Springs with a brand new body, a dusty red pickup truck, a guardian angel named Charlie, an aloof Irish setter that used to be the mayor, and a mission to solve a string of murders (including her own) before she can move on.

But things in Second Springs aren’t what they used to be. Rita’s fiancé is now engaged to her former best friend, her father has been outed as town sheriff, and his replacement is irritatingly cocky and sure that Rita is hiding something.

When a young man is murdered on Rita’s first night back, she finds a wrench at the scene of the crime; the same thing she saw before her own murder.

Now Rita must try to work through the craziness of her new life, coexist with her ex friend and fiancé, and dodge the ever encroaching eye of the new sheriff if she’s going to stand a chance of catching the person responsible and moving on.

And you thought death was the end of all the fun!

Reviewed by Crystal H.

Rita has her life all figured out- She is marrying her best friend Aiden and has just started a business with her other best friend Peggy! The business is doing well despite being in it’s infancy. She couldn’t be happier.

Everything comes to a boil when while delivering a pie to one of her favorite customers Mrs Hoover, Rita comes across a gruesome discovery.  Mrs. Hoover has been murdered and whats more is the murderer is still in the house. Rita finds herself is the wrong place at the wrong time and pays for it with her life.

However that is not the end for Rita- if it was than this would be a very short story- before she knows it she is being thrust back into life in a new body because of her “unfinished business”.

The Sweet-

I love the the plot of this book and found the concept really original having never read a cosy like it before. I found Rita to be quite the character, she’s feisty and intelligent and has quite the sense of humor.

The emotions the author was able to seamlessly weave into the story- making the reader feel for each of the characters  Making the reader more invested and willing to be ucked up by thet story.

I also enjoyed the story when it comes to the mystery aspect- the author really got me with the plot twist at the end. I did not see it coming and was genuinely surprised! The plot and all of its twist are masterly woven by the author and I quite enjoyed every bit of it!

I highly recommend this book for any one looking for a well written cozy mystery!

A strong 5 out of 5 cupcakes for this one!



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