Gin and Ghost by Megan Marple Review and Recipe

Gin & Ghosts (Tell-Tale Tavern Mysteries Book 1) by [Marple, Megan]

Title-Gin and Ghost

Author- Megan Marple

Genre- Cozy Mystery

Purchase Link-

A psychic raven, meddling ghosts, and a few odd locals serve up trouble on the island of Capers Cove!

Bartender Edie Allan might be a little odd, she can talk to ghosts and her pet raven, Poe, but she turns sleuth when a body shows up in the sand, and she discovers the cute new tavern owner might just be a murderer! Edie and her best friend, Officer Jessica Cho, begin an impossible search for clues in a case where almost all of the townspeople in Capers Cove have a motive. Can she serve burgers, mix cocktails, and deal with her suspicious new boss while there’s a killer on the loose?

Or will the search for the murderer leave her job – and her life – in jeopardy?

Reviewed by Crystal H.

Edie Alan has a dream to someday be able to buy her family’s business the Tell-Tale Var back, Sadly the bar is sold to a new comer with out her knowledge making her dream seem very impossible. The bar is in her blood and no one can run it better then her so she will just have to settle for working there, for now any ways.

The new owner is a bit of a jerk and thinks Edie is a kook, in fact the whole town thinks she is off her rocker. That may be because Edie can hear ghost and has a pet raven named Poe and may or may not be a descendant of the well known Edgar Allan Poe… yea let’s just say as crazy as Edie’s life seems now it is nothing compare to the craziness that murder will bring!

The Sweet-

When I was in high school I devoured anything and every thing by Edgar Allan Poe and was thrilled about the premise of this story! A descendant of Mr. Poe who can speak to ghost? Brilliant! I am happy to say the author did not disappoint with both Edie and the plot of Gin and Ghost.

I found Edie to be a no frills kind of girl who doesn’t take anyone’s guff and I thoroughly enjoyed her pet Poe the black Raven (I know!) and the dynamic their very special bond brought to the table. I do wish the author played it up a bit more because it brought such a fun dynamic to the story line!

All in all I enjoyed this fun cozy that borders the line of a paranormal cozy and was truly surprised with the ending! I did not see it coming! I would recommend this book to any one who shares my love of cozies and of the amazing Edgar Allan Poe!

Rating- 4.5 Cupcakes out of 5 Cupcakes!

The whole time I was reading this cozy drink recipes kept running through my head like crazy! I decided on a play of the title as well as the bar’s name! That is when I create the Tale of Poe! I wanted the drink to be dark yet sweet and include gin and still taste goo Let;s be honest gin isn’t for everyone!

Displaying image.jpeg

Ingredients needed-

Your brand of Gin- everyone has their preferences

Blue Curacao Liqueur

Maraschino Cherries and the syrup they come in.

Black Cherry Soda


  • Start off with a glass of ice and pour a 2 count of your Curacao.
  • Follow that up with a 6 count of Gin,
  • Next add some syrup from your cherries 0 if you are like me and love everything sickenly sweet don’t be shy with the juice!!
  • Shake that bad boy up! (you are almost there)
  • Last you want to add a splash of your cherry soda and garnish your drink with cherries
  • Enjoy!



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