Flightless Bird by Kellie McAllen Review

Flightless Bird (Teen Paranormal Romance Series) (The Caged Series Book 1) by [McAllen, Kellie]

Title- Flightless Bird

Author- Kellie McAllen

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Genre- Teen and YA

The list of reasons why Lexus Wren is the last girl any guy would be interested in is mercilessly long:
Her dad’s in prison for murder, her mom drowns her sorrows every night at Dave’s Dive, and Lexus is just trying to survive the cruelties of high school as a painfully shy bookworm with a bad wardrobe and a collection of nervous habits. Never in a million years did Lexus expect to draw the eyes of two hunky transfer students, Phoenix and Griffin Easton.

The troubled brothers are haunted by their own demons and don’t seem bothered by Lexus’ tarnished reputation. They’re too busy trying to figure out why touching her makes them feel like electricity is frying their insides and why they’re compelled to obey her every command.

You’d think having two hot guys vying for her would improve her reputation, but the bullying at home and school only gets worse. When Lexus’ problems reach a critical tipping point, the boys are drawn to protect her, and the truth about their powerful connection is revealed in an explosive confrontation that will astound them all.

Lexus Wren’s life is anything but perfect, as a matter fact it’s a pretty terrible life. She is bullied by her classmates at school, her mother is a drunk who couldn’t care less about her and she has no one on her side. Every day is a struggle just to survive.

Everything changes the day she meets Phoenix while picking up her drunk Mother at the local dive bar. The next day her mother sends her o find her lost phone back at Dave’s Dive and she runs into who she thinks is Phoenix from the night before but it is actually his twin Griffin. Lexus’s life is turned right side up? Finally not one but two people care about her and her well-being!

The Sweet-

This in my eyes is perfect mix of YA and Urban Fantasy. It has all the teenage angst you need but also some of the grit that Urban Fantasy brings to the page. The author knows her way around a love triangle as seen in her smooth transitions from Lexus to Phoenix and then Griffin. The author artfully keeps the reader engaged but not lost while switching between the three very different people’s point of views.

In my opinion this book while yes having small hiccups is a great start to what promises to be a thrilling and exciting YA series that will leave its readers wanting to read more and more

The Sour-

I personally have an issue with a main character that is a female and is always asking herself “why does he like me”or putting herself down. I think that we need more bad-ass woman and girls who love themselves. As someone who suffer’s from bouts of depression it breaks my heart a little bit that in a YA novel the main character see’s herself so poorly. Now this is my opinion and personal preference and I understand why sometimes the author needs to make the character seem to be weak but really they are a shining diamond in the rough, but for me the self hate lasted a bit too long in this novel because of that and some tiny errors I took a cupcake away from my rating of this book.

Rating-4 out of 5 cupcakes


Kellie McAllen is a bibliophile who has her nose in a book every moment she can. When she’s not reading or writing she’s either baking cupcakes, obsessively decorating and redecorating her home, or watching reality dance shows on TV. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, teenage daughter, and 2 sweet kitties. Visit her at http://www.kelliemcallen.com



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