Alice in Murderland by Samantha Silver Review

Alice in Murderland (A Paranormal Cozy Mystery) (Magical Bookshop Mystery Book 1) by [Silver, Samantha]

Title- Alice in Murderland

Author- Samantha Silver

Genre- Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Purchase Link- Amazon

Moving from Miami to small-town Oregon was supposed to be boring…

When Alice Calliope takes over her recently deceased aunt’s bookshop in Sapphire Village, Oregon, she’s not expecting her world to be flipped upside down, but that’s exactly what happens when her cousin Cat reveals to Alice that she’s actually a witch. Add in the fact that the two of them stumble upon a dead body, and Alice’s first day in town ends up being a lot more eventful than she could have possibly imagined!

What was supposed to be a simple cross-country move winds up with Alice having to learn how to navigate a whole new magical world while at the same time trying to clear Cat’s name as she emerges as the main suspect in the murder. Add in the eccentric Grandma Cee, witchcraft lessons, a whiny old ghost and the laziest cat ever, and Alice definitely has her hands full.

With pressure mounting for the super-hot local sheriff to arrest her cousin, will Alice be able to hunt down the real killer before it’s too late?

Alice likes her life in Miami, her friends and the city. She doesn’t think she could belong anywhere else, but when she inherits a book store from a deceased Aunt she never knew she had Alice has no idea the ride she is in for!

The Sweet- I really enjoyed this witchy cozy mystery! I appreciate that the author made the story a bit more realistic when it came to Alice’s Reaction to being a witch- I dislike when a character just accepts the fact that magic is real. Alice took it like any sane woman would and ran for the hills or well the trees!

The author is able to create both a cozy environment and a magic world that reader would love to spend some time in. The story and characters engage the reader and makes you feel really invested  in the fate of both the characters and the town.

The Sour- At times the story dragged just a bit me slowing the pace of the entire book. You get into a pace and then the author slows it and it can be a bit frustrating.

Rating- 4 out of 5 cupcakes!- I would recommend this book to any one looking for a great witchy read in a magical and cozy setting!

Samantha Silver lives in Oregon with her long-time boyfriend, her Jack Russell Terrier named Kilo, two cats who like to help her type by lying across the keyboard and the occasional foster. When she’s not playing mom to all these animals, Samantha is either writing the mysteries she loves, volunteering at the local animal shelter, or watching Netflix.




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